2017-31-10-15-12-17~Maxwanette A. Poetess {aka: M.A.M./Max A. Poetess}

Born in 1971 in Brooklyn, NY to Jamaican-Born & Migrated parents, Maxwanette was reading at a High School level, by the age of 3 and started writing Poetry, at the age of 5. Her first piece was a Haiku written while in Kindergarten (Public School 316~Elijah J. Stroud Elementary, Brooklyn, NY). She was so tickled by this form of Poetry, that she wrote many Haikus daily, driving her teachers and Mother crazy, lol! Maxwanette is more of a “Free-Style” Poet. She follows no particular form and or style. She writes, as she feels.

There are 2 Volumes of Poetry, written by this extraordinary, poetic wordsmith; “Poetry, Language Of The Soul”, Volume I. & “The Poetic Storm”, Volume II. Maxwanette states,

“In sharing of my poems, they have indeed become the language in which my soul speaks. It is in prose, that my thoughts, feelings and pineal view are most expressive. Some people write journals, I write Poetry, lol! It is on pen and paper, that I am the most FREE.”

Maxwanette’sΒ  Poetry may cause a reaction and or response. Either or, the fact that it causes one to think and or feel? Is more than enough, says the Poetess. Many of her pieces, are reflective of her own “personal” experiences and that of others. The Poetess stated, “It is those experiences within this Universe, that are expressed in my poetry.” The Artist uses some of her own pictures (of self and her surroundings) because it gives a more personal view to her words.

If her Poetry strikes a chord? Then I kindly suggest that you, “Speak to your Soul…And Listen.”

“Namaste & One Love”πŸ’–πŸ’›πŸ’š


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