About: Who Is “Maxwanette A Poetess?”


“How can one say that as a people we didn’t go through horrific traumas?

We did, have & still do. But whose to say that we won’t rise from it?

Yeah, who’s to say? Change one’s mentality? They become unstoppable, lol! #ijs.”

~Maxwanette A Poetess


45by Androo’s Art

Maxwanette A Poetess {aka: Max A Poetess / M.A.M.}

“I’ve had more than enough negativity in my life.

It’s time to try on some positivity and level the playing field, lol!

The goal is to find an even balance.”

“Who Is ~ Maxwanette A. Poetess {aka: M.A.M./Max A. Poetess}?”

A brief snippet into the life of this Poetess

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“Namaste & One Love”❤️💛💚

What does this even mean???…

“Well, Namaste means: the love within me recognizes and reflects the love you have within you. One Love: Love for The Most High, Self, Others, & Life Overall (my own overstanding/translation). It’s a combination of Hindu & Jamaican and it works for me, lol! I use this phrase more often than not. I feel that the world couldn’t hurt from a reminder of what that is. As well as I need a reminder myself from time to time.” ~Maxwanette A Poetess


So, Maxwanette, what is the real purpose of your page, social media outlets, etc., What makes you any different from the rest of them?

“I don’t really pay attention to differences and all that. I really have no expectations. I’m not expecting anything at all. I love, love, energy, life, existing, simply being. In sharing my poems, they have indeed become the language in which my Soul speaks. It is in prose, that my thoughts, feelings, and pineal view are most expressive. Some people write journals, I write Poetry, lol! It’s also been very therapeutic for me. It is on pen and paper, that I am the freest. If I can help soothe the Soul of even 1 person, letting them know that life matters, they matter, we matter and they’re not alone, and we’re in this thing called life together… I know what you’re going through because I’m living too, we need to remember to “Share the Love”, because it’s a real thing that is forever needed, the best cushion in life, then I’ve fulfilled my purpose in this existence.

Even if that 1 Soul is my own.”

There are 2 Volumes of Poetry,

Written by this extraordinary, poetic wordsmith;

“Poetry, Language Of the Soul”, Volume I.

Poetry, Language Of the Soul Vol. I.


“The Poetic Storm”, Volume II.

The Poetic Storm Vol II

Maxwanette’s Poetry may cause a reaction and or response. Either or, the fact that it causes one to think and or feel? Is more than enough, says the Poetess. Many of her pieces are reflective of her own “personal” experiences and that of others. The Poetess stated, “It is those experiences within this Universe, that are expressed in my poetry.” The Artist uses some of her own pictures (of self and her surroundings) because it gives a more personal view of her words.

If her Poetry strikes a chord? Then she kindly suggests that you,

“Speak to your Soul…And Listen.”

“Namaste & One Love“💖💛💚

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Writing History

  • Freelance Writer – Poetry Corner, Our Times Newspaper – Pg. 11, March 2015
  • Freelance Writer – World of Poetry, 1990, 1988, and 1987
  • Freelance Writer – The National Library of Poetry, 1997


Writing Awards

  • In Appreciation Certificate, World of Poetry, 1990
  • Award of Merit Certificate, World of Poetry, 1990
  • Golden Poet Award, World of Poetry, 1988
  • Award of Merit Certificate, World of Poetry 1987
  • Certificate of Award in English, Junior High School 117, 1985
  • Outstanding Achievement in English (Writing), New York City Association of English, 1984
  • 1st Place Certificate of Award for Creative Writing Poetry Contest, Patrolman Elijah G. Stroud School (Public School 316), 1982
  • Certificate of Award for Writing, Patrolman Elijah G. Stroud School (Public School 316), 1980

“Bob Marley was my Secret Mentor. Being of Jamaican descent, I was exposed to his music. I’d sneak to listen to his musically laced messages – as Rastas (Rastafarians) were seen as thieves, murderers, and lazy criminals when I was growing up. Funny how that never rang true in my ears or thinking. Since I loved music, especially Reggae, I listened to him CONSTANTLY & CONSISTENTLY. His lyrics, di riddim, and di vibes…Dem Level. It brought a level of Truth & Consciousness to my young developing mind.” ~Maxwanette A Poetess


“Luvin Di Bob”



“We’re All In This Thing Called Life…TOGETHER, Remember?”





E-mail: maxapoetess@yahoo.com

2 thoughts on “About: Who Is “Maxwanette A Poetess?””

    1. Hi Megha! You’re very welcome. Seeing how my Mother was a Published Poet, it wasn’t that difficult. Also being able to read at a high level at an early age helped. Not to leave out, how adamant my Mother was about reading & writing. In school this became a great advantage for me. I thank you for your praise, but I owe it all to Mom.
      “Namastè & One Love”❤️💛💚

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