She started off with this…

At Walmart


“I use this yarn firstly because the colors are awesome! The texture is nice & smooth. It’s easy on the fingers. It’s of good quality, no knotting/kinking. It’s strong & durable, as it also holds up well in the washing machine (on gentle cycle of course). It’s also great for blankets, covers, clothing, etc., as it’s quite warm & flexible for warmer temperatures too. I LOVE IT!”~Sloopy of Sloopy’s Crochet, LLC.

Got it all ready…

She finished with this…

1 Blanket (Size: Full-Queen)

2 Pillowcases

1 Footstool Cover


~Created by: Sloopy’s Crochet, LLC

#CrochetIsMyNewWorld 😍😍😍

“I say Sloopy needs to start selling her creations.”~Maxwanette A Poetess


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As a Poetess, I often view life on a variety of levels. This encourages & inspires me to express myself through prose. As my Blog is dedicated to Poetry, it still falls in line with Art on a whole. As you may notice, we post/share Entrepreneurial Ventures, Art, Music, Crocheting, Writing Tips, Ways to make money & promote your poetry/writing, Positive Vibes…Heck! We share much more here than just Poetry. It’s the love of “Arts & Humanity.” 🥰❤️💛💚

I came across this post on our Facebook page. It was compelling & riveting all at once. It simply had to be shared. The picture caught my attention but the WORDS held it. Such strong & supportive beauty, embroidering a vital message. ~Maxwanette A Poetess



✨✍🏾Kintsukuroi – By, Maxwanette A Poetess✍🏾✨


The journey of this life has left scars,

embedded deeply within my being.


Experienced moments,

become the spider-like web of construction.


Mirrored cracks & creases,

are the consistent reminders that I lived.


I wear my battle-wounds PROUDLY,

for they’re the trophies of life continuing &

lessons learned.


As I Am,

exhibiting the freckles of time,


Honored preservation,

a reminder of the existence I bare.



I breathe & live again.




“This poem was inspired by the Artist(The Alchemist) of the piece pictured. I added my gold lines to support this poem.

I looked at it & I saw myself in a variety of ways. Dynamic Artist!” The piece in its originality is located below.” ~Maxwanette A Poetess


*Kintsukuroi (“golden mend”) is the Japanese art of mending broken pottery using lacquer resin laced with gold or silver.



By The Alchemist