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*Want To Create A Chapbook? It’s Easy As 1,2,3!~Maxwanette A Poetess

“Want to enter those Poetry contests but don’t have a Chapbook? Well, you can make your own. It can be plain or fancy, but you can do it at home. I followed this YouTube tutorial last night & made my own Chapbook. I plan to get more creative with the design, but not bad for my 1st try!”

~Maxwanette A Poetess

DIY Chapbook

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*We Met A Wonderful Artist-Downtown Brooklyn!


We had the extreme pleasure of meeting a wonderful, gifted, talented, and awesome artist from Estonia “Kristiana Parn”, right here in Brooklyn, NY! Check out her work. She’s fabulous. She also does stationary!

~Maxwanette A Poetess





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Poetry Is in My DNA~Maxwanette A Poetess

I will start with my first hero, inspiration & poetic mentor. A Poetess that I watched write, publish her own book of poetry, start her own recording company, perform at poetry recitals, etc. This woman was breaking grounds I knew nothing about at the time.

She had a voice that was so DYNAMIC, it moved you. No, she wasn’t great at singing, lol, but her poetic volumes were PHENOMENAL!

Before Maya Angelou became my favorite Poetess, there was & still is indeed, the best in my world…

“My Mom!” Her stage name was, Lia MiMi. A combination of her grandmother & great grandmother’s names (Leah & MeMe).

She showed me how to make Poetry, come alive! I did my first Poetry Recital by the age of 11/12 in Brooklyn, NY at a place called, “The New Muse.”

I recited one of my Moms poems named, “The Propella.” I can still hear Mom, reciting it with such passion! I mimicked her style, passion and brute force in deliverance. As people clapped, I remember the joy I felt, reciting it, My Moms Poetry! Lol, best time ever!!! Thanks Mommy😘🤩😇

By~Maxwanette A Poetess

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Many may notice, that I post from this magazine, Poets & Writers, often. I don’t work for them, but I do subscribe. I sincerely doubt that they are aware that I share their articles, lol! But I give credit where it is due.

I absolutely love the resources that they provide in all areas of writing & especially focusing on Poetry. They’ve become my informational go-to guide of sorts. 

They’re subscriptions aren’t that expensive and well worth the investment in my opinion. Try them!

~Maxwanette A Poetess

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*Children Can Be Poets Too!

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By Jillian | May 14, 2015 
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Little M has been very interested in writing poetry lately. She’s always loved writing activities but this is the first time poetry has made a real appearance. It’s so fun to see her creating poem after poem.
For today’s activity, I’m teaming up with Pepperidge Farm to bring together two of Little M’s favorite things: Goldfish® Crackers and poetry writing for kids. YAY! So grab a snack, some paper, a pencil and a little poet.

Pepperidge Farm has been creating “The Little Moments. Big Smiles.” with their Goldfish Tales website. Fans of Goldfish crackers are given the opportunity to read the latest tale, find details regarding the promotion, submit their own tales and get a peek at behind-the-scenes videos.


Poetry Writing for Kids: 3 Fun Poems for Kids to Write

Acrostic. Little M has a favorite type of poem and this is it. Do you remember writing acrostic poems when you were a kid? They are fun and easy, making them perfect poetry-writing exercises for kids.

An acrostic poem is one where the first letter of each line spells a word. (The word can also be formed in the middle or at the end of the line. Since I’m working with a beginner we are sticking to the beginning.)

I had Little M use orange and black markers to write the word GOLDFISH down the left side of her paper. I asked her to create a poem about the Goldfish Crackers she was snacking on. I can’t resist sharing her work.

Share my fish and I
Heart my Goldfish!

Riddle. I hadn’t thought of riddles as poems until I read this Riddle Poems post from Imagination Soup. In the post, she lays out how to help kids form riddles with few easy prompts. We are great fans of jokes around here and riddles are similar to jokes so I know riddle poems would be a hit! I was right.

I wrote out the beginning of each line and had Little M fill in the rest. The theme? Goldfish of course!

I smell like…
I taste like…
I feel like…
I sound like…
What am I?


Shape Poems I love, love, love the way our Goldfish cracker shape poems turned out. A shape poem is a poem that forms a shape with words. The words describe the shape they form. The words can either outline the shape or fill in the shape. Little M chose to outline the Goldfish cracker.

To prepare this one I drew a Goldfish cracker lightly with a pencil as a guide for where to write.