“Namastè & One Love”❤💛💚

🌹😇World Healing World Peace😇🌹

https://thewombwellrainbow.com/2018/10/28/wombwell-rainbow-interviews-christena-av-williams-whose-stage-name-is-antonia-valaire/My fellow Ambassadors….


Recently we organized The World Healing, World Peace Foundation which is now registered as a nonprofit organization. This will be the mother organization for our efforts at Inner Child Press International pertaining world peace and world healing.
We have already built the web site : http://www.worldhealingworldpeacefoundation.org. please stop and have a look at what we are doing.

We are currently organizing for The World Healing, World Peace 2020 Symposium to be held in Atlantic City, New Jersey in April of 2020. We need your help! Please share this information and the website on your pages and in your groups.

We are offering FREE Membership for any and all. Additionally, if you are a part of, or know of any other humanity conscious organizations that would like to have some FREE promotion for the work they do, they can become an ‘Affiliate’ for FREE.

Attached is the membership icon. Please download it from here or our website and proudly let all the world know of our collective work.

Remember greater things can be accomplished in a concerted effort than alone. I need your help. Please also ask others to help us as well. Good things are on the horizon.

I thank you
Bless up


“We’re All In This Thing Called Life…TOGETHER, Remember?” “Namaste & One Love”❤️💛💚

Suicide is an important topic & cause to me. Having Mental Illness close in my own family, as well as working as a Case Manager, I can overstand how an individual can get to this point. It’s not always easy to ask for help, nor does one feel like it at times. It’s good to know that there are people who actually care. Don’t be afraid to seek help.


A Facebook friend of mine (((Hi Baba Brett))) posted this & I simply had to share it. 

~Maxwanette A Poetess

Suicide Prevention Hotline


Brett Traore

September 17 at 9:40 PM

“Could one friend or family member copy and repost? I am trying to demonstrate that someone is always listening.” 


Call 1-800-273-8255
Available 24 hours everyday

Just one…


Suicide Prevention Hotline 2

🚨”Sickle Cell Is Serious Business”🚨

Yep, both parents have the trait…

I was born a sickly child. I was told I couldn’t have children (I did have 3 & each birth had me in the High Risk Clinic). Sickle Cell Disease is just one of the illnesses I arrived to this existence with. It also came with Spinal Stenosis & Ledderhose Disease (which has caused Metatarsalgia in both feet). So in Layman’s Terms, I was born with f×@$×d-up blood & bones. I can recall men saying I had a sexy, badass walk. I bet! I was disabled 😂🤣😅 Running & Jumping were not activities I participated in for I always ended up on the ground. So if you ever see me running? Ask no questions & run like hell!!! It has to be a life or death situation, trust me😅😅😅. Hey? You have to find humor when crying starts to become a pain in the ass.😉

But on a more serious note, I can’t begin to explain the pain I was ALWAYS in (still am, gets worse as one gets older). The anger all the time, flashing of colors & partial blackouts, and the constant pain from my skull to my toes. Even the bones in my nostrils & ears hurt. Nosebleeds were common in my childhood as well. I kept it to myself. I knew something was wrong, but never sure what it was exactly. My parents were clueless. No one in my family ever knew, not until last year.

As I’ve shared a few times, I was abused in unimaginable ways for a long time, living on the streets in NYC at the age of 11(my parents had their own issues). My childhood & teenage years were horrifically painful and parts of my adulthood weren’t any better. My conditions surely magnified EVERYTHING. It affected every facet of my life. I hate pity and being born to Jamaican parents, illnesses were not an excuse to not keep going (this too has its positive & negative effects). Many bush remedies did nothing for a 3 year old with back to back fevers of 104. The constant beatings with all types of objects didn’t help either. Many of my doctors asked me how in the world I was still walking? It’s that Jamaican Tenacity 🇯🇲😉🇯🇲

My posts aren’t as regular, because the pain at times is crippling to say the least. I’m getting the help I need, but it’s imperative that we stay on top of our health, seek answers even when people, family & doctors insist that you’re nuts. Only you, know you. I don’t do pity parties, so please don’t feel sorry for me. As difficult as my existence has been, I’m still living my best life. Heck, it’s the only one that I have. Pain and all? I’m a very happy woman, finally.

Adult Sickle Cell Program – 24hr Emergency Hotline: 1(412)692-4724


For Children:


“We’re All In This Thing Called Life, TOGETHER…Remember?”❤💛💚