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🇯🇲Jamaica Home of My Parents 🇯🇲 “Land We Love”…There’s Hope❤️💛💚

by, Maxwanette A Poetess

Having been born in Brooklyn, NY – “Yo, Brooklyn! What’s uuuup!!!” followed by a (((SLIGHT RIGHT-SIDE HEAD NOD)))😎 If you didn’t get that? Lol, please ignore it. It ain’t fo’ yahhh! 😂It’s simply a Brooklyn thang. Old School practice; No matter where we are, we remember where we’re from, BROOKLYN for Life Baby!…That used to mean something, back in the days. You were PROUD to say & to rep that you were born & raised in the BK.

It was a code of the streets, our people, unity, strength, happiness & love seeing one another still making it through the struggle. Shewwwt, people used to lie & say they were from Brooklyn. But those who knew, knew. Nowadays, people try to deny that they’re even from there. “Our Brooklyn” is gone.

How things have changed. Some good or bad, depending on who’s looking. I used to love Brooklyn & swore I’d never leave. Funny how as I got older, it felt like Hell. I miss “Old Brooklyn”, but life goes on & that’s what change brings. But I’ll always love & remember the Brooklyn that I grew up with. But life in NY’s just too much. Heck, I finally left and this time? For good.

But theres also my heritage, ancestry, my parent’s birthplace & living there for 20 something years of their lives. Both coming to America in their own way, meeting in Brooklyn, NY and the rest goes on, one way or another.

Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica – She’s suffering the same fate that we go through in America. What this beautiful country used to be has changed. It’s going through a storm. A purging, be it good or bad, right or wrong. Something is wrong in Jamaica.

But is she any different than anywhere else? Not anymore. Once upon a time, one could & would swear that nothing like what happens in America would happen there. Well Jamaica has become Jamerica. They smuggle cocaine, they rape, murder, abuse you name it. Crime exists there just like anywhere else. Heinous acts against life exist there. It always has, just like anywhere else. But at the moment it’s on the rise & in the spotlight.

Many people fear going Home. People are fearing for their lives as Jamaica is going through its turmoil. Now I’m hearing that Jamaica is now dangerous to visit?? Yo! Is whatta really gwan dung deh doe e? Really? Is this now the New Jamerica? What di Rasta dem wen a warn wi bout back inna di early days & people seh dem mad? Yah Mon, yuh zeeit doe e?…If Jamaica doesn’t do something to turn this around? She will continue to eat herself until the island is clear & start all over again. Wether it’s of her own doing or by others. “Jamaica Wake-Up!” If it didn’t work in America it won’t work there. You will get what we get here. Even the innocent will be caught up.

Jamaicans used to “LIVE” to return home on vacation. Buying a piece of land & building your house back home, is something that was instilled in Jamaicans from birth. Taught to see the beauty & value in the land. Now they’re dying out there instead. Not good nor productive. But Jamaica has been changing for some time now. Lost in the not having & the wanting, forgetting that we have ourselves and one another. The power of Love & Unity, “Out of Many, One People”…Heyyyy remember?

My own family cheated my Mother out of her land & house that she paid for; sick or not. Took the piece they swapped it for from her too & left my siblings & I with nothing, lol! They took another piece from a cousin of mine that is rightfully hers by her dead father. I fight for none. Not because I’m American born, but because if land & money causes you to turn on yourself and your own? Lol, Darlin’? You can keep it. I will not fight for the negativity you sold your Soul for. Karma & the Most High will seal & deal with that situation. I curse you not, for you have already cursed yourselves. Greed & lack of love is what is killing Jamaica. Bottom-line.

But guess what? This is not just happening in Jamaica. This shit is GLOBAL. We just don’t pay attention. This isn’t an American, Jamaican, European thing. Lol! Nope, never really was. This shit is a HUMAN THING.

I LOVE JAMAICA. I may not have been born there, but it’s in my blood, my family, the people, the country…”THERE IS NO OTHER LIKE IT!” The Jamaica I grew up with, the positivity of it? Was & is something that shines so bright it’s a huge part of what makes Jamaicans stand out in the crowd…In Life.

No disrespect, but let di Yankee school unnuh😉…“Give us vision lest we perish”…Remember? Open your eyes Jamaica. Look around you. If you continue to close your eyes to what is going on & just follow? Then you will be lead. “TAN UP JAMAICA!” Remain strong inna yuhself! We nuh mix & wi nuh blen-blen! We nuh fallah. AH WE SET DI TREND! Created differently for a PURPOSE. Check unnuh foot or like others, you will be trampled. Tek back unnuh country, Love of life and one another. Where will Jamaicans return to if it continues this way. Where & what will “Yard” & “Home” be? It will be gone.

Do I have a right to speak on Jamaican life? Yuh dayum right I do. I maybe born here ah Foreign. But my blood is as Jamaican as those born there. I feel Jamaica in my Soul, & in my root. I wish America would change too. Love & Unity around the WORLD (((SIGHHHH))), Yeah, that would be nice. It would be paradise. But highly unlikely anytime soon. I’m a realist 😎

Jamaica still has more hope. Those of you who know why & how know exactly what I mean. There’s something very SPECIAL about Jamaica.

Mi dun talk. Luv unnuh!💋💋💋


Jamaica’s National Pledge


Jamaica’s National Anthem


✨🧠I Know You’re There🧠✨

(Picture~The Shadow Master of Darkness)

“I Know You’re There”…

By, Maxwanette A Poetess

It sneaks up on me, like a silent predator,

Hungrily eyeing its prey.

I can’t see it, but I know it’s there.

I feel it looming in the shadows,

Lurking in the corners and doorways.

Jeering & taunting, pretending friendship,

Begging for me to let it in.

Giving me flashbacks of my life,

And how empty it’s been.

Reminding me of my past failures,

Belittling my accomplishments.

Toying with my mind, my emotions….

Unraveling me and tossing me away,

Like yesterday’s trash.

It’s a tug-of-war of wits & emotions,

Who’s keeping count of the odds?

I feel like I’m drowning, and no one cares,

It’s like falling and no one is there to catch me.

I know you’re there, dammit, leave me alone!!

*Inspired by the demon Mental Illness can be.



I’m not a physician nor do I give medical advice. But I advise, that if you’re suffering from a Mental Illness, you need help. Something happened that caused you to be this way. It’s okay to own that & get help to deal with the demons within self that you’re fighting. Sometimes it’s not easy & can cause more damage. It’s alright to get help.

There are so many ways & methods that one can try. The point is to see that there’s a problem, face it, get help without feeling ashamed in doing so – did you know even therapist have therapists? Just saying. We all need help at one time or another when life can become too stressful and or when trying to deal with life’s traumas.


Find what works for you & stick with it. Mental Illness can become an internal prison. It changes how one sees, feels & thinks about life. Trauma & Stress can turn the mind into an internal weapon. It can become a personal maze of pain & hell.

Its sad that with how many people suffer with Mental Illness, that more isn’t done & the stigma attached removed. It’s okay. Many people are suffering & pretend or deny it. Heck! Some are oblivious to it. You’re not the minority. Check out this link below. MANY PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING


I can say from personal experiences, if you sit on it & do nothing? You’re shortening your life span and cutting a poor path for your existence and all you encounter.

Get help, talk to somebody, seek ways to heal yourself. Because no one can do it for you. Most of all? Try to remember that you deserve to have a happy, free and beautiful life too.

“Namastè & One Love”❤️💛💚


*See what’s available locally. Sometimes there’s services you’re unaware of:


“We’re All In This Thing Called Life, TOGETHER…Remember?”❤️💛💚

🕶🔥Domestic Violence Is Real – But Then Again? So Am I🔥🕶


Blessings, Love, Overstanding, Positivity, Joy & Continued Happiness…Are a few words I choose to describe My Life NOW. 🥰Although, a few months prior? My life was in danger…

Some of you may recall that my sister & I were in a serious DV (Domestic Violence) situation. We’ve relocated & we’re doing well.

Due to safety reasons, we’re not at liberty to disclose our location. But know that we’re safe, happy & appreciate all the sentiments, words of encouragement & positive vibes sent🥰🥰🥰

Many do not know that I had surgery last year. I almost didn’t make it, lol! I also had what some call an, “ Outer-Body” experience. It wasn’t my first. I was born sickly, lol! Many, even within my own family were unaware. My Mother kept it quiet, not even telling my father, for her own justifiable reasons. But pain & “nearly not making it”, occurred often in my life. My Mom & I used to joke about pain & death, even up until the day she transcended. It’s easier to simply laugh about it.😉

As I have ALWAYS loved traveling, the road never ends for me. You know, “I’ve been a few places, seen a few places”, but I’m more like a “Nomadic Gypsy” (this became a title to a poem of mine☺️). I’m taking it easy for awhile. It’s my moment to relax, heal, rest, regroup, refocus, recenter & simply feel the vibrational flow of life & existence. But my traveling hasn’t ceased for good. I can smell a trip coming up😂

Born & bred in Brooklyn, NY to Jamaican parents…I don’t regret what & whom I have left behind. Why? Because, “Good, bad, and or the ugly?” I value the memory of those that I hold dear, but life goes on 😎

I decided one day to look at the pain, abuse, mistakes, the negativity…Laugh at those miserable bitches & accept the love & happiness I was hiding from the world & myself.

At one time or another, we all go through a negative experience. I found that by knowing myself and who I am, empowers me to make it through even what is deemed impossible. However, I NEVER STAND ALONE. The power of the Most High Creator, coupled by leaning on the backs of our Ancestors, Family, Friends, and being in command of my energies…I LIVE!

And oh, what a life & oh what a view! 😉☺️😊

✨🌹We’re All In This Thing Called Life, TOGETHER…Remember?🌹✨

“Namastè & One Love”❤️💛💚

By, Maxwanette A Poetess


🦉Wise Advice🦉…

“Letting go of the pain isn’t always an easy thing to do. Many of us can get stuck on that proverbial hamster-wheel in hell! I suggest taking it one step at a time. But the overall goal is to let go of what was & cannot be undone. Instead? Learn, be loving & positive towards yourself; life & others. Change the Negative programming & you change the World. It all starts with SELF.” ~Maxwanette A Poetess

“Namastè & One Love”❤️💛💚