😔WHY CANON, WHY?😔 (Update Below)

As a Poetess, running this Blog, a few Social Media pages, having an in-home office, My Printer is a vital asset. Here’s the nightmare…


WHY???” I’ve been a faithful Canon Customer for most of my life. I started off as a kid, amazed at my Mom’s Canon camera, and the rest was literally history! Canon made me fall in love with photography… How sad & disappointing to be a victim of this product you sell now.

So, in 2017 I purchased your MX922 Printer. Yep, stop! Because you already know the problem don’t you? You have to because even YouTube has videos on it. People are complaining. I’m tired of this error stating my lower cassette has no paper. I’ve aligned, realigned, lessened the paper amount, changed the types of paper, plugged & unplugged, blew out dust – if any (by mouth), checked & double check all settings. I even rubbed it gently, speaking beautiful words of hope & positivity to Goliath (yes, I love your products so well that I name them my Mom’s camera was named Blinkers🤓), but to no avail, this printer is TERRIBLE. It will not print from my laptop, no matter what I do.

I can hear it whirring, shaking, and doing its little thing, but all I get is this error message. I don’t think that after 2 years I should need another printer. How can you sell & continue to sell such a faulty product? Never did I think to switch over to HP Products…Now? I’m actually entertaining the idea. Exactly what can be done here?


“A loyal but highly disappointed Customer”

“I await their response”…



🤩And their Customer Services is WONDERFUL🤩


✨✍🏾Born Into A Life Of Misery✨✍🏾 By, Maxwanette A Poetess

 I Write & Share as much Love & Positivity as I can.


Because I came from such an abusive, damaging, miserable & negative place.

This flowed over onto my children, family, friends and was such a focal point of my existence at that time.

I was being beaten from within & was clueless as to how to break the cycle.


I can remember when this poem was written.


Life was difficult trying to raise 3 children as a single mother – with my sisters’ help, with only my GED & my HHA/PCA Certificates.


My oldest sister, the laugh & smiles of my children kept me going. But the pressures of life were mounting. See, I was considered “The Strong One”, “The Fighter” …So I had to keep going, even as I was falling apart. This poem was my outlet at that moment. You know what I mean? When the demons of your past, attack you at a weak moment.


Yeah, lol! They were kicking my ass, lol! I can laugh now but during that time? I was a tortured Soul & no one knew. I was too strong to cry, complain, speak about, or relate to the pain. I had simply turned it off like it never happened. But it started to seep out and overflow and the family? Lol, well my Dears, it fell apart.

~Maxwanette A Poetess



 Born Into A Life of Misery

Born into a life of misery,

Never to reach my full capacity.


Used and abused when necessary,

Did anyone ever care how it would affect me?


Thrust into a world all alone,

Deluded by the body of a child that’s grown.


Wasn’t taught what the world was made of,

Confused pain and hurt with love.


My body has been stretched, mauled, molested, screwed, beaten

I’ve always been treated as the earth’s most loathsome cretin.


Never belonged, always wanting to fit in, wanting to be wanted

Just mistreated, lied to, cheated on and taunted.


I try to climb out of the cesspool of my life, to wade in waters clear and free,

As I’m being pushed back down, I realize that clear waters aren’t for me.


See, I was born into a life of misery,

Never to reach my full capacity.


As that dark cloud looms over me, threatening to swallow me whole,

I know that if I don’t fight it, it won’t leave me alone.


But I’ve been fighting for so long, it’s never done,

This is a battle that will never be won.


My mind, my brain is under attack,

Shit! I can’t rewind this life, change and get something back!


What is it like to be a child?

What is it like to run wild?

To be overstood, loved & free? I am an adult, no time for me.


See the answers I’ll never know,

because a long time ago,

damaged seeds were reaping what they sewed.


I hate my life and all that’s in it!  Besides my sister and my kids,

I don’t see the purpose of it.


Why am I here!!? What is the use?  I tired of all this abuse!

I ‘m exhausted, and my stance is weak, like that of an old lady

Just as if I was a newborn baby…


I was born,

 into a life of misery.

Never to reach my full capacity.

©10/7/2000 Maxwanette A Poetess



“The Poetic Storm” Vol. 2

✨✍🏾📔Cleaning Up📔✍🏾✨ By, Maxwanette A Poetess


See, I had some cleaning up to do today, I had a whole bunch of clutter, Busy getting in my way. As I took to the task, with no one to ask, I stepped into the maze of my life, I did some cleaning-up today.


I opened sealed boxes, used what was good, Lifted & inspected everything I had under the hood.No more burdens, stresses, and strains. No more out running myself and pressuring my brain.


Unlike or like some, I came from a poor, lost, ill-fated sect, Born was I, with feet on my neck. Used & abused, silenced in so many ways, Gone was my innocence, never a game to be played.


Taught no value of my body, soul, and head, A child, oh so young, yet part of the living dead.


I no longer look at the loss, The sacrifices, the cost. Instead, now I laugh and find the joys in things, Oh, I’m so appreciative of all my blessings.


Cause, see, I had some cleaning up to do today. I had to go through the labyrinth of my life, to find my way. Life will have tears, pains, disappointments ahead, But once you have life, lol, Baby, you ain’t dead!


I got down & dirty, stepped deep in the grease, I rose; clean, grounded and realized I needed more than just peace. So, I did some cleaning up today, I found a way to be set free. I did some cleaning-up today…

The cleaning within Me.