She started off with this…

At Walmart


“I use this yarn firstly because the colors are awesome! The texture is nice & smooth. It’s easy on the fingers. It’s of good quality, no knotting/kinking. It’s strong & durable, as it also holds up well in the washing machine (on gentle cycle of course). It’s also great for blankets, covers, clothing, etc., as it’s quite warm & flexible for warmer temperatures too. I LOVE IT!”~Sloopy of Sloopy’s Crochet, LLC.

Got it all ready…

She finished with this…

1 Blanket (Size: Full-Queen)

2 Pillowcases

1 Footstool Cover


~Created by: Sloopy’s Crochet, LLC

#CrochetIsMyNewWorld 😍😍😍

“I say Sloopy needs to start selling her creations.”~Maxwanette A Poetess

✨✍🏾Cleaning Up✍🏾✨ By, Maxwanette A Poetess


See, I had some cleaning up to do today, I had a whole bunch of clutter, Busy getting in my way. As I took to the task, with no one to ask, I stepped into the maze of my life, I did some cleaning-up today.


I opened sealed boxes, used what was good, Lifted & inspected everything I had under the hood.No more burdens, stresses, and strains. No more out running myself and pressuring my brain.


Unlike or like some, I came from a poor, lost, ill-fated sect, Born was I, with feet on my neck. Used & abused, silenced in so many ways, Gone was my innocence, never a game to be played.


Taught no value of my body, soul, and head, A child, oh so young, yet part of the living dead.


I no longer look at the loss, The sacrifices, the cost. Instead, now I laugh and find the joys in things, Oh, I’m so appreciative of all my blessings.


Cause, see, I had some cleaning up to do today. I had to go through the labyrinth of my life, to find my way. Life will have tears, pains, disappointments ahead, But once you have life, lol, Baby, you ain’t dead!


I got down & dirty, stepped deep in the grease, I rose; clean, grounded and realized I needed more than just peace. So, I did some cleaning up today, I found a way to be set free. I did some cleaning-up today…

The cleaning within Me.

©Maxwanette A Poetess