✍🏾🇯🇲It Inna Mi Blood!~By, Maxwanette A Poetess🇯🇲✍🏾



“It Inna Mi Blood”

Mi nuh noe wah ah di problem?

Afftah all, dis yah dayum talkin’,

Bout seh, mi ah Yankee.

Tell mi now. A wah all dis yah noise fah?



 Yeh, a Foreign mi bawn,

But mi parents dem?

Dem ah natural bawn Yardie!

Most ah my family memba dem? A strictly Yard dem bawn & grow.


Suh a wah dat mek mi? A Jamerican???

Nuh true America mi bawn,

Nuh watch nuh face!

Jamaica runs threw my veins,


Mommy did ah look opportunity,

And Daddy did ah tek disadvantage!

Ah suh it guh,

Ah nuh my fault dat!


JAMAICA? Chuh-h-h!

No question nuh di deh!


It inna mi blood sah!



Yah Mon…Yuh dun noe!

Nobody caayn deny mi.

Cause, I and I FEEL di riddim ah mi people.

Mi set inna di position, widdout inquisition,


Dat a deh suh, fimmi people come fram.

A deh suh, my Ancestors call out to me &

Mek mi noe seh,

Ah dem a help fi carry mi true. A pon fiddem back mi tan.






It Inna Mi Blood!

“Out of Many, One People”



“We’re All In This Thing Called Life Together…Remember?”❤️💛💚

We are to love one another, for we are our Brothers & Sisters Keepers. It isn’t a political thing, a racial thing, or anything except one thing…”LOVE.” Love of Self, Others, & Life. We’ve got to do better than this…

✍🏾Essay by, SANDRA PARKS✍🏾



I do not celebrate it & holidays on a whole except for Kwanzaa.

I simply feel it’s wrong & inhumane of me, to celebrate the slaughtering of innocent lives & be “thankful” for it. To each his own for I judge none, but I pass.

“Namastè & One Love”❤️💛💚



✨🌹Let’s ALL Have A Joyful Ride!🌹✨

I don’t know about anyone else. But we’re all on this Planet, Earth, Gaia, Ball of Life or whatever you choose to call it…My personal fav is “The Universe!” But We’re all on the journeys of Life & of Death. We all will get there, either way, sooner or later. It is what it is.

– Bottomline?

We Exist, We Are Here. So why continue to make life harder than it is? I mean, as a kid I often pondered for days over this. It’s a damn shame, that as an adult, I still have to ask the same question.

I say, if we could all do one thing. I mean living, but having a symbiotic relationship with loving, daily? We’d be better selves, people a better World. It isn’t always easy, it tends more often to be painful, but it’s worth it. Life is worth it. We Have Life – We’re Worth It! So if you got it? Awww, Yes! Don’t forget to share it & pay it forward. If you need help? Know that you can do it; Day by day, even a bit by bit, like a tiny mustard seed, water it, nurture it, encourage it? It would stick. Love & Living would be, well you know what I’m saying. And yeah, it’s just that simple, yet one of what seems to be the most difficult of things, for humankind to do.

Why can’t we simply love one another & have a positive & joyful life and existence? Pack some food, bring some music, tell some jokes, respect one another, have compassion, overstanding & simply be grateful for having life? Aren’t things outside of ourselves, damn crazy enough? I mean honestly? “What the World Needs Now” comes to mind.


Here’s a New Movement idea!!! Have a cookout & get to know your neighbors. The CookOut Neighbor Challenge! Oooh or a “Let’s actually feed & clothe the hungry, right in our own neighborhoods?! Like to Volunteer? Try the elderly, sickly, & needy right in our own buildings or on the same block, even within our own families. Even if you only have enough energy to cheer yourself on, even barely, DO IT! Imagine…



My point is, well whatever the point was…Shit man, can’t we just Love One Another & Value tha Ride?…

✍🏾by Maxwanette A Poetess✍🏾