✨🙏🏾A Little Rest & Relaxation🙏🏾✨


🤫VOS, May 10th-17th🤫


To all that are viewing this post. I’m taking a “Vow Of Silence” starting this Friday, May 10th-17th.

This means I will not be making or accepting and phone calls, text, emails/postal mailing, no blogging, or sharing of posts, no speaking of any kind, even within my own home.

Why? I have my own personal reasons that many simply wouldn’t overstand & may even try to judge. If it goes well I will try it again for an even longer period of time. I’m doing this for my own well being. Some may say I’m crazy, a loon, nuts, whathaveyou. I really don’t care what people think anymore, lol! I do what works for me. Simple really. But out of love, courtesy, & respect, I ask that you honor & respect my wishes.

So let’s be clear, “I WILL NOT RESPOND”, unless it’s a life/death situation.

Thanks for your time & overstanding.

“It was when she was silent,

that she could know, feel & hear all things.

And it was only then her Soul found peace.”

~By, Maxwanette A Poetess

“Namastè & One Love”❤️💛💚

✨✍🏾I Had Forgotten – By, Maxwanette A Poetess✍🏾✨

I Had Forgotten

Within the pain,

trying ones best to live again.

The wanting, needing,

the constant feelings.

The past fears of rejection,

blinded loves interception.

As the cold harshness,

left a bitter taste on life’s palette.

Beautiful in ones existence,

a reminder of the Universal purpose.

Saturated with the essence of life’s joy.

Glowing with the magnificence of Self.

(Deeply Smiles)…Oh yes, I had forgotten.