“How Do I Express This To You?”


How Do I Express This To You?

How do I express this to you,
The way that you make me feel?
To confront old feelings, that never died & are real.

Fearing the combination, anytime you are near,
That causes me to dissolve and suddenly disappear.
How do I express this to you?

When you look at me, it takes me by surprise,
You smile and I can see your love for me in your eyes.
You make life worth living & it confirms that true love never dies.
How do I express this to you?

To fuss over you, making sure you’re alright,
These are the things that make my soul bright.
A love & a bond put together by, “Starlight”…
How do I express this to you?

Being yours & you being mine,
Growing old with you forever, through all passages of time.
You’re my heartbeat. Without you? I’d flat-line…
How do I express this to you?

*Inspired by a connection that true love designed & created… I am a very expressive individual. However, when it comes to how my heart works, I tend to keep that to myself. I am grateful to have poetry, in which I am able to express and share the language that my soul speaks, that my lips may not.

“No Changes”

nochanges(Picture derived from Bing)


You didn’t want to change.

Instead, you wanted to continue to lay the blame,

That I was reacting to my past & residual pains…

So, there was nothing more, that I could do.


It was driving me insane,

As I retreated within my own brain, to protect myself from you.

But I laugh & I grin, as my thoughts no longer spin…

It wasn’t me, “It Was Him!” – He clearly stated, he was simply too old to change.


You are right, this is your life, but I cannot be your wife,

For I have nothing for you to prove.

Saddening reality that it was, this powerful thing called love,

So, I left…And left the “No Changes”, with you.

“I AM (II)”

fbcv(Scorpio – Triple Sign: Scorpion, Eagle & Phoenix/Dragon)


It took some time,

For me to leave behind,

The shackles that bound me.

I was taught to look above,

For the reality of Love…

And only it could set me free.

Tearing down the walls,

Watching the debris of my life fall,

I rise, a renewed being.

Dismantling the deceptions & the lies,

Facing truths — allowing my Soul to cry,

Healing, feeling & knowing,


The Pineal view of this life shines,

Be reminders of Love, wherever you can,

Rediscovery of self…

”I AM!”



It came.
Not with bangs or whimpers,
It simply was, is…here. Always has been.
Stripping away at the core,
That were the ingredients to the metal,
That formed the chains to my existence.
The declarative statement,
Reflected from my Pineal Gland…
As the energy of my being,
Catapulted its strength,
Through my flesh-bound vessel of transportation.
Feeling the lack of the 3-D gravitational pull,
Created for this Matrix~Illusion,
My footsteps tread, ever so lightly, mirroring the movements, of nature’s rhythm.
The journey & knowledge continues,
Reminding & reconnecting the binary codes of self.
As the views of this life, are still, ever so amazing,

I flow on…