✨🌹Domestic Violence Is Real🌹✨

“I support many causes. Domestic Violence (DV), is one of the most important ones. I grew up watching my father, beating my Mother. My Mother always fought back. By the time I was 3 years old, she had enough & divorced my father. But in our culture (Jamaican), beating & abusing Women was the norm. Sadly it’s still in full practice & many fail to see or care to the lives taken, damages done to Women & Children. It can last a lifetime.

This did however have an affect on me. I was never physically abused by any man. Instead I became hardened, defensive, combative, over protective & willing to fight to the death at the drop of a hat. Men were scared of me. This was the purpose to protect myself, but I experienced other forms of abuse;verbal, emotional, psychological & by monetary means. I lost my femininity, and marinated in my masculinity, simply to survive…

These experiences tainted my views of self & life. This poem derived from this experience & finally breaking free from the hold it had on my existence.”~Maxwanette A Poetess


✍🏾I Arrived✍🏾 by, Maxwanette A Poetess

I Arrived


There was a high-pitched squeal.

The kind that makes you stop & feel.

Was it a call?

One that makes, one rethink that,

The very process of freedom is unreachable.

Suckling the breast of existence,

Burping the breath of life.

Continuous are the movements of growth.

Blinking clearly at the resonating of space, time, & the conceptualization of Self.

Based purely on the rhythmic flow of one’s being…