📚✍🏾”RIDE!” ~ by Maxwanette A Poetess ✍🏾📚

📌”There are times, when things cause so much pain it can render a person mute & incapable. “Pain, short-circuits the brain.” This can be defeating & refresh old wounds. Don’t sit in the pain-pit. Instead? Get-up, take a good look at the situation & Self, learn from it, dust yourself off, brace-up and keep going. You ain’t dead yet!”

(Picture Derived: Bourgets Bike Works, Inc. – The Scorpion RT)


She wanted to scream.

Yet she had no energy left for it.

She felt like smashing EVERY damn thing!

But, she also saw how much she’d have to forfeit.

That proverbial scab began to itch.

The dull ache in her Soul…throbbed, slightly.

She straightened her back, until it cracked.

Then she jumped on that ride called life?

And rode the wheels off that bitch!

©️Maxwanette A Poetess, All Rights Reserved.

From: The Poetic Storm, Vol II.


Repost: 📚✍🏾”If I Wait?”…✍🏾📚

“There are times in life where one must exercise patience. However, it’s best to look at situations/experiences for what they are and weigh ones options. Bob Marley sung a great song called, “Waiting In Vain.” If ones waiting, is it worth it? Some people are, but if you’re asking questions, then there’s doubts and one should really examine the situation and themselves.” ~Maxwanette A Poetess

⚡✍🏾”UNDEFEATABLE!!!” ~ By, Maxwanette A Poetess✍🏾⚡ (((RE-POST)))

I’m reposting this for my friend “Myth” & for anyone who feels like they need this, or knows someone who does. Think about how far you’ve come, yet you’re still standing. Don’t allow the negativity to rob you of a happy existence.

We’re more POWERFUL than we know 🥰 And we’re not in this thing called life alone.

“Namastè & One Love”❤💛💚

Thank you for existing & touching my heart Myth🌹🥰🌹