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✨🌹Life Is A Learning Lesson🌹✨

“Things happen in life. When it has a negative effect, try to learn & remember”…

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✨✍🏾Today’s Poet, Margaret Danner✍🏾✨


Margaret Danner


Poet and editor Margaret Esse Danner grew up in Chicago and was educated at Loyola University, Roosevelt College, Northwestern University, and YMCA College. She was the first African American assistant editor at Poetry magazine, during Henry Rago’s tenure as editor. As a member of the South Side Community Art Center, she met with a group of writers that included Margaret Goss Burroughs and Gwendolyn Brooks. Danner also corresponded frequently with the poet Langston Hughes.


Her poetry often engages African artwork and culture. Her collections of poetry include Impressions of African Art Forms (1960), To Flower (1963), Nor Light, Nor Bright, Nor Feathery (1968), and The Down of a Thistle: Selected Poems, Prose Poems, and Songs (1976) as well as the collaboration Poem Counterpoem (1966) with Dudley Randall. Her work was included in Langston Hughes’s anthology New Negro Poets (1963) and in the audio recording Poets of the Revolution (1970), also with Langston Hughes.


Danner served as poet-in-residence at Wayne State University and LeMoyne Owen College and received the John Hay Whitney Fellowship, the Harriett Tubman Award, the Poets in Concert Award, and the African Studies Association Award. Danner joined the Baha’i faith in the 1960s. She died in Chicago in 1984, and the University of Chicago holds a selection of her papers.


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✨✊🏾🇯🇲🇬🇭Queen Nanny of The Maroons🇬🇭🇯🇲✊🏾✨ #FebruaryIsBlackHistoryMonth


By Khadijah Yayefall Ndiaye

While we celebrate our Black History Every Month, it is time to pay homage to a powerful woman, Queen Nanny. The courageous Queen Nanny was born around 1685 in Ghana and reported to belong to the Ashanti tribe, married to Adou, with no children. She escaped from slavery after being transported to Jamaica The Maroons, Africans who escaped from slavery in the Americas, were already an established culture since escaping bondage in 1655 when Spanish and British colonizers battled for control of Jamaica.

They skillfully fled to the treacherous mountains that made it all but impossible to be captured. (The term, Maroon, may have come from the Spanish word cimarron, meaning wild.) When Nanny and her siblings escaped, they joined the Maroons in the mountains and helped form free, sovereign Black communities, operating outside of British colonization. Queen Nanny’s brilliant mind led expeditions into enemy territory to successfully attack plantations and free at least 1,000 enslaved people. Historians have documented that she fought tremendous odds to help our people escape slavery.

In the book, The Mother of Us All: A History of Queen Nanny, author Karla Gottlieb says, “The story of the Maroons” is unique in history. How several hundred escaped slaves with no uniforms, no supply of guns and ammunition except those that they were able to steal or obtain covertly, no steady supply of food, and no secure living place, could fend off the best soldiers of an empire that had an almost endless supply of sophisticated heavy artillery, including portable swivel guns, a seemingly endless supply of new soldiers, as well as a wealth of material resources, is a historical feat that probably could never be duplicated. ”Violence heightened between the Maroons and British around the 1730s. Nanny town (named after her) suffered a heavy loss in the bloody encounter in 1734 when the British ambushed them while they were asleep.

However, several Maroons survived because a new Nanny town (called Moore Town) was already inhabited and people had been migrating there. It is believed that Queen Nanny was killed by the British in the 1730s, but no one is sure of the date. She is credited with being the main figure that united Maroons across Jamaica and played a major role in the preservation of African culture, pride, and knowledge. Many believe that Queen Nanny was an Obeah woman (someone with superpowers, trained in traditional, Spiritual sciences) and that is what gave the Maroons the upper hand. Many mythical stories have been told of her astonishing abilities. I have heard legends about Queen Nanny, such as her catching bullets with her hands (which was a highly developed art form in some parts of Africa).

Even though some may not believe that the facts remain that she is one of the greatest Female Warriors who sacrificed for us all to live a peaceful life. Therefore, she is truly the Queen of Jamaica and should be included in history for people, all over, to know about her. Her life and accomplishments have been recognized by the Government of Jamaica which honored her as one of seven National Heroes awarded the title of Right Excellent. Queen Nanny is the first and only woman Heroine! A portrait based on her description is on the Jamaican $500 note. Every January 6, in honor of the birthday of Nanny’s brother, Captain Cudjoe, a Maroon festival is celebrated in the mountainous Accompong Town, complete with cultural rituals, reenactments of camouflaged resistance, savory food, and handmade crafts.

Sources:,, The History of Jamaica,

Volume II, by Edward Long,

Khadijah YayeFall Ndiaye is a conscious worldwide reporter, writer, and photographer based in Philadelphia, PA. She writes for Woloftimes and works with the Most Wanted Film production crew based in Senegal. She is an activist, loves her African/Caribbean background and strives to express that as much as possible through her writing. She says I am very excited to be a part of

FunTimes–the best magazine! I wish for everyone to subscribe and spread the word about us!


The predominant culture and lifestyle magazine for African, Caribbean and African American communities in the Mid-Atlantic region.


About Queen Nanny

Queen Nanny of Jamaica

The Maroon People of Jamaica

Holy Grounds of Queen Nanny

1 Queen Nanny was born in the Ashanti region of present-day Ghana in 1686 and kidnapped and forced into slavery in Jamaica. As an enslaved child her plantation worked in extremely harsh conditions to cultivate, harvest and process sugarcane.

2 She later became one of the Maroons which were a group of Black people who escaped slavery and started their own communities.

3 She led several slave revolts and raged war on the British for about 30 years.

4 Although in the beginning Nanny and the Maroons were greatly outnumbered by the British, the British attacks were unsuccessful due to the strategic location of Nanny Town.

5 Queen Nanny is credited with freeing over 800 enslaved men and women from captivity.

6 Many of the freed men and women settled in Nanny Town ran by fellow Maroons.

7 Nanny of the Maroons was very knowledgeable about healing methods and herbs. This made her a very skilled physical and spiritual healer.

8 Nanny Town stood for many years until 1734 when it was destroyed.

9 Now Nanny is a celebrated and beloved hero of Jamaica. Jamaica declared Queen Nanny a National Heroine in 1976. Her image is on the Jamaican currency.

10 She has communities named after her such as Nannyville Gardens in Kingston, Jamaica and a Nanny Monument in Portland, Jamaica.


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✨✍🏾Today’s Poet, Jim Northrup✍🏾✨

Basket Making

Wise Words

“Shrinking Away”


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✨🌹Do A Clean Sweep, Because Not Everyone Is In Your Corner🌹✨

How many of us have moments where we feel like, “Wait…Something is wrong with this picture?” You give & give, yet it seems like those in your life, just take & take?

Well it maybe sad, yet the stark reality is, not everyone in your life or that you encounter means you the best. Only you (each & everyone of us) can put a stop to it. “Do a clean sweep!”

Stop allowing people to use you & take you for granted. Trent Shelton explains it in a great way…

“Refuse To Be Used” by, Trent Shelton

By, Maxwanette A Poetess

*All pictures derived from Google

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✨❤️💛💚🇯🇲🎈🎼HAPPY EARTH & SPIRITUAL-STRONG ROBERT (BOB) NESTA MARLEY 2/6/1945 ~ 5/11/1981🎼🎈🇯🇲❤️💛💚


“Always Luvin’ Di Bob!”❤️💛💚

Growing up, Bob Marley’s music wasn’t always being played in my Jamaican home. My Mom, would play a song or two if I was lucky. But Bob wasn’t accepted as some may think. Not at first.

As a child, being a “Rasta” (Rastafarian) was not smiled upon. Many in my parents time, saw Rasta’s as scoundrels, lazy, nasty, worthless, thieves, and good for nothing’s. The worst thing a boy could be was a Rasta. The most unacceptable thing was for a girl to date or be with one. Every culture had/has its “Black Sheep’s” or “Cast-Off’s.” My Mother HATES Rasta. However, before she transcended she saw the side in which I viewed Bob Marley. Out of Love, Honor & Respect for me & the positivity of what Bob represented? My Mom had me loc her hair before she transcended. Blessed❤️💛💚

But as a child, I had to sneak and record Bob’s songs on my cassette recorder & Walkman (okay young people, this before your digital era😂). I learned the words to his songs & sung them ALWAYS. He became my Mentor & his songs my Mantra. His words made such dynamic sense to me, that when listening to him, I’d literally become mesmerized, as my young self meditated & swayed to do riddim. He transcended May 11th, 1981. I was 10 years old. My eldest daughter would be born on that day, 9 years later.

I will admit, I am not necessarily a Rasta. As I do not follow Rastafarianism. I have some Rasta-like ways, mentality, and or beliefs. I grew my own locks for 18 years, reaching my buttocks. I cut them for a 2nd time, as I’m on my own Spiritual journey. However, as many Jamaicans know, “Rasta ah nuh bout yuh hair. Rasta inna ya heart. Rasta inna yuh mine. Rasta inna yuh Soul. Ah serious ting dat!” Who knows, if the Bible can talk about The Prodigal Son, then I can possibly be The Prodigal Rasta Queen. Lol, it can happen 🥰 But Bob made me see the meaning of life…LOVE.

During my life, proudly and with great love, honor & respect I still listen to Bob on a regular basis. He’s deeply rooted within my existence. His songs opened my Mind, Heart, Body & Soul. It is a continuous gift & blessing.

“One Love, One Heart. Let’s Get Together & Feel Alright.”

🦁Jah! Rastarfari. Conquering Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah🦁❤️💛💚

🎈🎈🎈Respect, Guidance, Everlasting Love & Liveity! Happiest Of Existence, Earth & Spiritual-Strong🎈🎈🎈


🦁 🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁


“One Love Video”


“Buffalo Soldier – Bob Marley & The Wailers”




“Redemption Song Video”


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FORGIVENESS – Was something that was very difficult for me, once upon a time. I used to feel that by doing so, I was being perceived as being soft, weak, or simply a doormat😒. See, experience brings wisdom. At the very least? You’re going to learn something wether you want to or not, lol. Come with me, as I give you a glimpse into my world, 20 something odd years ago…

I was disgusted with people telling me to forgive because it was better for me 🙄. I was like, nope! I’m going to hold onto this grudge, anger, pain, chaos, and abusive residuals until I die! I will NEVER forgive those that have caused me unfair, unnecessary, & unwarranted hell. Leave me with my badges of pain😡


Well yes, looking back, that makes no sense. However, when you’re deep in the trenches of shit? Everything stinks! If there’s an air freshening of thoughts every now & then, it sure doesn’t last long. There was simply too much shit around to see any way out.

It wasn’t until I was so full of anger, pain, resentment & hatred, that I had to simply stop. Because just as I had spoken, it was killing me🥵. I had stopped smiling, angry and pissed off most of the time, walking in public with my head hung low; never meeting the gazes of others, having panic & anxiety attacks, for I couldn’t trust ANYONE, so going out in public became overwhelming. I suddenly started doing whatever I could, finding whatever reasons or excuses, to not go outside anymore. My home was the only safe place. I couldn’t keep a decent relationship because I chose indecent individuals to be with. I wasn’t a bad Mother, but I wasn’t all that great either. I was stuck & lost in pain, physically, emotionally, psychologically, and in an environment that fed & supported this. I taught my children how to be afraid to deal with life. I finally found a way to beat myself up some more, shutting myself off from the world, as best as I could. I was lost in the chaos, within myself. Confused & wanting to be left alone, yet lonely as heck. But why should I forgive anyone? I was the victim here dammit!

Nothing made sense anymore as I was suffering from a nervous breakdown & didn’t even know it at the time. My brain was having issues dealing with the trauma, that it was trained to ignore. I wasn’t a Saint, but I didn’t hurt people unless it was in self defense or defending of others. But I was really hyper-sensitive to what people said & thought of me, but no one ever knew 😶.

Then one day after years of pain, losses, and sacrifices, it hit me! “FORGIVE.” Before I could fully do this, I went looking for answers. I found that those who wronged me, were suffering within themselves, far worse than I, turning them into inhumane individuals. Many haven’t been able to accept my forgiveness. I’ve experienced people becoming angry & hostile towards me because I forgave them. “WoW!” 😮. But it’s also those types of reactions that confirm their madness, within the hell they’re in. Forgiveness? It freed me from that, them and the pain that came along with the entire bundle of garbage.

I learned that forgiving someone, ain’t got shit to do with the other person 😂🤣😅. It’s one of the most healthy & selfish things a person can do for themselves. Because it’s about releasing all that crap & letting go of what isn’t serving your existence. I also learned not to expect an apology or anything from the individual(s) that you’re forgiving. Because many people don’t overstand it, don’t want to accept responsibility for their actions; need others to blame, have difficulty facing the negativity within themselves that they spew on others, you name it 😏. Forgiveness for me, was a complete overstanding of the damages done to & by humanity, every day. Either it will make you stronger, turn you into an evil beast, break you or damage & kill you. Then there’s finding that Yin & Yang

equaling an even balance of it all. Forgiveness helps me find that inner balance. This enables me to change, elevate, enlighten, loving myself, others & life even more.

So if you have gotten this far in my mini novel? Lol!…Baby? “FORGIVE.”

“Namastè & One Love”❤️💛💚

By, Maxwanette A Poetess

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“War is Obsolete, All Life Interrelated – Dr, Martin Luther King Jr.”

“The major purpose of P.L.O.T.S. (Poetry, Language Of the Soul), is to be a reminder that we’re all here in this existence. It makes more sense to love one another, be kind to one another, & to help one another coexist in joy & happiness. It isn’t impossible you know unless we make it so.”~Maxwanette A Poetess

“We’re All In This Thing Called Life, TOGETHER…Remember?”

                                                    “Namaste & One Love”❤️💛💚


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✨🌹Spirituality Isn’t One-Sided.🌹✨

Yesterday I let go of a “Friend.” She did something so blatantly erroneous, that it angered me. I literally felt like “beating dat azz!” I kid you not, I even shared a post about it on my personal page. That being said, anger is normal. Being spiritual doesn’t mean you don’t get angry or feel emotions.

I felt the anger, spoke to her before she could continue, told her I wasn’t with her method of thinking or viewing things, but she still decided to continue with the negativity. So I became enraged & let her have it. I also decided it’s best to leave her out of my life.

This wasn’t the first time she’s “irked my nerves”, but surely would be the last. My anger was bigger than I would’ve liked & some of it was towards myself. Why? Because I knew better than to let her back into my circle but did it anyway. She simply performed as usual, so who’s fault is that? Mine.

Sometimes we let people go or our negativity & pick it right back up again for whatever reasons. I should’ve left it where it was, lesson learned before things could get any worse.

I had to meditate, forgive her & myself but leaving her alone. There are a few more negative energies around that will be suffering the same fate. I don’t wait for “New Years” to do it either. It’s a lifetime process, because as we all know, negativity can be found every & anywhere.

So it’s okay to slip & your emotions catch you at times. Work through it, deal with it, dismantle it, forgive, leave the negativity where it’s at and move on. Learn, Grow, & Keep Shining✨✨✨

“Namastè & One Love”❤️💛💚

~Maxwanette A Poetess

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✍🏾📔The Different Types of Poetry📔✍🏾

✍🏾📔The Different Types of Poetry📔✍🏾

How many of us know that there are soooo, many different types of Poetry one can write?

You’d be surprised to know that the list is pretty long.

“TAKE A LOOK!!!”👀…

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✨🌹Lighten Your Load🌹✨

Have you ever stopped & thought about the things that stress you out? How many of us see, that much of the crap isn’t even our own??? As well as mulling over what is? Torturing yourself over what was done to us or what we’ve gone through…

Well I try my best to not only face the issues but to let go of what isn’t mine or my fault. Blame & holding onto that negativity can be so crippling. Yo, let that shit go!😉❤️💛💚

~Maxwanette A Poetess