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🌹✍🏾”How Was Your Weekend?”✍🏾🌹

🌹✍🏾”How Was Your Weekend?”✍🏾🌹

“I had the pleasure of welcoming a Great-Nephew over the weekend – one of my Nephew’s 1st child & Son, talking with my Stepmother, chatted with my baby Sister, I talk with my oldest Sister EVERYDAY- poor ting 😅, tried to play Fort Night with another Nephew – Okay I lied. I gave it zero effort. I don’t like video games🤷🏾‍♀️. But I had fun watching my Nephews enthusiasm (he’s 12), I had to speak with my Bestie whose more like a Sister to me, avoided unnecessary negativity – seemed to be coming from the oddest directions, but I refused to feed into it’s directional existence, lol! So it was disbanded & demolished, I spoke to quite a bit of Family this weekend, even online. This past weekend was indeed lovingly AWESOME.” 🥰 ~Maxwanette A Poetess

PositiveVibesMovesMountains ❤💛💚

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✨✍🏾In A Writing Slump/Block?…✍🏾✨

There are times when I can spit out 5-6 poems in one sitting. As well as moments when my pen is DRY. It happens.

I don’t beat myself up over it. Instead, I distract myself from, “The elephant in the room”’ lol!!

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If you have issues that you’re not dealing with or simply too much going on, having a lot of negative energy coming your way or wading through, all these things can cause a block with writing & creativity.

I find something that relaxes/inspires me. It could be a walk in the park,

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Bonding with Nature, especially large bodies of water. It seems to relax me to the point of rendering me sleepy 😴.

If you can? Take a vacation. If not go to the beach. If you can’t reach the beach. Taking time to cherish what’s right in front/surrounding you works too…

Try some Grounding. It’s sooo relaxing & feels great in between your toes! Not to mention the health benefits☺️.

Another thing I do, not just for inspiration but for fun, is listening to Music 🎶 🎶🎶. I suggest that you listen to what you prefer or like. What inspires one, may do nothing for another. So stick with what works for you. But just as when we’re sad we listen to the Blues, try some Inspirational/Pick-me-up tunes!

Releasing of healthy endorphins & serotonin levels in the brain can also get the juices flowing. Some people get a massage, work-out, or play sports (physical activity – yes this includes sex, lol! what? It inspires many a thing😉 – Safe Sex Please & don’t take it as an Inspiration Card to keep jumping all over, have some discretion🙂). Heck! Some go to the club or my personal fav, turning on my sound system at home & “Jammin!”

Bob Marley

(Artwork by, Androo’s Art)


Beers Hammond



Tarrus Riley

The Piano Guys

Micael Montano

🧘🏾‍♀️Meditation Music🧘🏾‍♀️

And yes, try some F&F (Family & Friends) Time.


The point is, to keep living, stay active, find something to release, calm, relax, and to allow yourself to just FLOW. You may be shocked to see what your creative mind comes up with!

“Namastè & One Love”❤️💛💚

~Maxwanette A Poetess

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🌊 “Relax, Breathe & Try It!!!🌊

“Sometimes it helps to take a 10 minute break, to simply breathe, relax, exhale, & recenter.”

There are a variety of ways to appreciate the life we have. At times, we’re often distracted from this. So listening to nature’s soothing sounds, lulling & caressing our energies to a joyful balance, is a beautiful & rejuvenating thing.

Many ask me, “Maxwanette, are you trying to be a Buddha?” Lol! Honestly? I wish I could be, but I’m not cut-out for it.

I can get with the practices, but a reggae song may pop into my head & I will dance, laugh & go crazy with it! I’d be the, “Whining Buddha!” & the one trying to make people laugh, like cracking a HUGE fart in the temple or something 😂🤣😆 – I love when people are laughing, smiling, & happy. Many of us are wrapped so tight or overly focused on things. We’ve forgotten how to just laugh & relax.

“Relax, Breathe & Try It!!!”😉

~Maxwanette A Poetess

“Namastè & One Love”❤️💛💚