🕶🔥Domestic Violence Is Real – But Then Again? So Am I🔥🕶


Blessings, Love, Overstanding, Positivity, Joy & Continued Happiness…Are a few words I choose to describe My Life NOW. 🥰Although, a few months prior? My life was in danger…

Some of you may recall that my sister & I were in a serious DV (Domestic Violence) situation. We’ve relocated & we’re doing well.

Due to safety reasons, we’re not at liberty to disclose our location. But know that we’re safe, happy & appreciate all the sentiments, words of encouragement & positive vibes sent🥰🥰🥰

Many do not know that I had surgery last year. I almost didn’t make it, lol! I also had what some call an, “ Outer-Body” experience. It wasn’t my first. I was born sickly, lol! Many, even within my own family were unaware. My Mother kept it quiet, not even telling my father, for her own justifiable reasons. But pain & “nearly not making it”, occurred often in my life. My Mom & I used to joke about pain & death, even up until the day she transcended. It’s easier to simply laugh about it.😉

As I have ALWAYS loved traveling, the road never ends for me. You know, “I’ve been a few places, seen a few places”, but I’m more like a “Nomadic Gypsy” (this became a title to a poem of mine☺️). I’m taking it easy for awhile. It’s my moment to relax, heal, rest, regroup, refocus, recenter & simply feel the vibrational flow of life & existence. But my traveling hasn’t ceased for good. I can smell a trip coming up😂

Born & bred in Brooklyn, NY to Jamaican parents…I don’t regret what & whom I have left behind. Why? Because, “Good, bad, and or the ugly?” I value the memory of those that I hold dear, but life goes on 😎

I decided one day to look at the pain, abuse, mistakes, the negativity…Laugh at those miserable bitches & accept the love & happiness I was hiding from the world & myself.

At one time or another, we all go through a negative experience. I found that by knowing myself and who I am, empowers me to make it through even what is deemed impossible. However, I NEVER STAND ALONE. The power of the Most High Creator, coupled by leaning on the backs of our Ancestors, Family, Friends, and being in command of my energies…I LIVE!

And oh, what a life & oh what a view! 😉☺️😊

✨🌹We’re All In This Thing Called Life, TOGETHER…Remember?🌹✨

“Namastè & One Love”❤️💛💚

By, Maxwanette A Poetess