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The daze of confusion–

“Bursting forth with Knowledge!”…

Broken and apparent, upon the faces of the masses.

Reality breaking the veil,

Covering the Pineal Gland.

Forcing it to feel it’s way open and fully awake.

A deeper over-standing of self,

Love and Others,

Joy in the union with the animals, really our friends.

Humanity becoming each other’s Keepers,

Moving forward, radiating within the Exodus…

The survivors of this realm.

Resonating with harmonious frequencies

Being at one with the Universe, which is within self.

The song of the souls, sing…

“Namaste & One Love”


                                                                                                                By~Maxwanette A Poetess


*”Do You Know A Publishing Scam, When You See One?”

“Now, I love resources! Especially as a writer/poet, they lead to many opportunities. I often share these finds here and on my other, social media pages. I always include, that one should read all the rules, requirements and “DO YOUR HOMEWORK!”

When I am entering any contests, paying for ANYTHING in general, trust and be sure, that I will be running them through the BBB (Better Business Bureau – https://www.bbb.org/en/us). Every state has one & you can get free and useful information, that can save you a possible future headache. You can also file complaints against a business that has caused you some form of damages (with proof of course). Because for me? Reading reviews aren’t always good enough. Many companies hire people to make-up false reviews. So, I like to check things out as much as possible. Things still do occur, but it’s worth the efforts.

I stumbled across this article, “3 Signs of A Publishing Scam” and felt it was indeed, Blog-Worthy, lol!

~By Maxwanette A Poetess


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“I Wonder?”…


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As I wonder what life has in store for me,

          I deal with my fears of inadequacy.


Not sure where it is I’m going,

          Wondering if my insecurities are showing.


I think carefully as to what it is I need,

          Should I slow down or pick up my speed?


What is it, that I must find?

          Where is my thread in this grand design?


Thinking and pondering, what it is I must do,

          Saying that I’m worthless…Could this be true?


My heart and my mind are battling, going their separate ways,

          As I wonder, when will something sensible remain?


Sitting and watching, day-by day,

          As life simply slips further and further away.


As I encounter my thoughts, dreams and things that I own,

          My fear rises as I travel down the road of the unknown.


Just trying to put things together and get them done,

          Going through the journey, surrounded, yet alone, wondering about that special one?


Looking at what life has to offer, not sure what I see.

          Is this only happening to me?


I wonder…?


          by: Maxwanette A Poetess, All Rights Reserved. 


Have you ever just wondered about things? Lol, of course you have! Who doesn’t or hasn’t? It is a normal action that many living beings have.  Many poems have been written in wonder or are the catalyst for wondering to leap from. Wonder can lead to great things.

The definition of the word, “Wonder”, as per the Merriam-Webster Dictionary”:


noun  won·der  \ ˈwən-dər \
Popularity: Top 10% of words |Updated on: 3 Jun 2018
Definition of wonder
1a : a cause of astonishment or admiration : marvel 
  • it’s a wonderyou weren’t killed
  • the pyramid is a wonder to behold
b : miracle
2: the quality of exciting amazed admiration
3a : rapt attention or astonishment at something awesomely mysterious or new to one’s experience
b : a feeling of doubt or uncertainty

Well so what? But think about it for a minute…See, that pause, that second to allow your mind to THINK! Even if you’re shocked, scared, questioning and or amazed, that wonderment produced something.

Wondering introduces itself to one’s curiosity as well. It also allows the juices in our brains to flow. With this, comes thoughts and ideas.  Thoughts and ideas are a vital part of our existence. From the greatest of our inventors, to everyday choices.