(Photo by Scenery and Seasons Around the World) – View Them On Facebook!

As many may notice, I use Nature scenes/landscapes in many of my poems. I simply have a deep love for Nature. Water scenes appear quite often on my posts as well.

I have a love for elephants though, lol! They’re simply GREAT, lol! This picture (the wording not included, I added those personally), was shared by the creator & owner of, Scenery and Seasons Around the World.

He has an amazing eye to capture natural beauty. “PHENOMENAL!” I plan on using more of his pictures in the near future.

~Maxwanette A Poetess


“Natures Symphony”~Maxwanette A Poetess

(Picture derived from Google)

Natures Symphony

As the rain showers down,

the coolness of its breeze,

carefully yet gently soothes,

before the roared, bang of thunder warns of it’s deeper intentions.

Through brief intervals,

The birds chirp wildly,

As if to warn each other to stay put,

for more is yet to come.

The silence within the noise,

blends & produces…

The beauty of Natures Symphony.

~Maxwanette A Poetess