✨✍🏾Have You Ever Felt? ~By, Maxwanette A Poetess

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“Have You Ever Felt?”

Have you ever felt,

So distant & empty

That it seems like it’s been centuries,

Since you’ve been yourself?



Have you ever felt,

That you keep paying the cost,

More stuck than lost,

In a world where you just don’t belong?



Have you ever felt,

That as you grow older,

The world seems so much colder,

That you wonder will it remain blind?



Have you ever felt,

That the hand you’re dealt,

Must be a lesson,

You simply do not overstand?



Have you ever felt,

That this place is a wild circus,

You’ve outstretched your purpose,

And it’s simply time to move on?



Have you ever felt,

The things that you see,

May never be,

Because Humanity, has lost its love?


Have you ever felt?