🌹✍🏾”I AM” ~ By, Maxwanette A Poetess✍🏾🌹

📚✍🏾”Let’s Get Back To What’s Important” – by, MissTee IzQueen✍🏾📚

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Let’s Get Back To What’s Important

To share small joys throughout the day
Who and what is top priority pays
Friendship should develop into mental , spiritual , physical and emotional support
You should strive toward your best life while appreciating all that it’s worth

The sun and moon are individuals yet both are part of Universal order
An abiding of two who are one shall remain unbothered
Before the chaos of makind was trumped up and altered
Soft communication well received beats anything that hollars

Let’s Get Back To What Matters
Be a part of recreation where harmony is scattered
Pay attention to what’s healthy as you make it a habit
Never become anything that leaves you feeling substandard
Reconition of what’s in your fabric comes next
When you’re at your best you’ll get what you deserve and that’s the best

What’s put together on solid foundation will never be allowed to split
Drills come here and there thru any and all abstinence
Alignment forms when you’re mindful mixed with passionate
Everything we touch requires maintanance
Your goal list will be a look of satisfaction

Basic needs are important factors , they are yours to keep
Strength comes from what you eat , think and hear in your sleep
What’s complete has a well balance sheet
This is more than the chit chatter
They hear the voice of reason and good sense
Nonchalant while humble in pure relevance
Matched is a love that loves like you do
Handle each other well rather its zero or 100 proof

Let’s Get Back To What Matters
Experts in both realms should be on your advice pannel
Starseeds are anchored in frequency
Yeahh that’s what Matters and how it should be

MissTee IzQueen


✨✍🏾Poetry Near You✍🏾✨


These are just a few resources & a more narrowed, birds-eye view of what’s going on, on the Poetry Scene.

Wherever you reside or visit? Simply Google what’s available in your area. Many of the links also have Facebook pages.

Venture out there & see what’s going on!

If you’re ready for Open Mic, go for it! If not, there are an abundance of resources that you can partake in. The point is to find them, engage or get involved, &

“KEEP WRITING!!!” ~Maxwanette A Poetess

“Namastè & One Love”❤️💛💚



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