✨✍🏾***MY PEOPLE…*** Who Told You That You Didn’t Matter?~By, Maxwanette A Poetess✍🏾✨#FebruaryIsBlackHistoryMonth


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***MY PEOPLE…***

Who Told You That You Didn’t Matter?

Who told you that you didn’t matter?

When did someone take away the radiance of your shine?

Do you even recall giving it away?



What was going on,

When your heart forgot, the right ways…

in which to beat?



How do you wear that mask so well?

That it hides the realness…of YOU,

Yet never covers your Soul, as you lose the connection to your spirit.



Where is that deceiver,

That fooled you into becoming a believer,

That you are less than who you are or created to be???



How pathetic they look,

As they try to break you.

Unable to fathom, nor destroy, the energy of your being.



The “Powers That Be”,

Grudging your destiny, constantly envious of your energy.

Road-Blocking you, as you create ways, to do what you do.



They manipulate, delegate and try to separate,

You from the divinity within self.

Careful! This is deeper than you think…But yet we all know.



Being whirled around, like a topless gig,

Never allowing you to cease.

For if you did, apparent would be the undercurrents

of their decisive intentions to annihilate your very spirit!



Whoever told you that you didn’t matter,

Is already less than, subhuman, that would never overstand,

You may distract destiny, but stopping it is futile.



Come now, take my hand

Rise-up, Stand-up, Walk proud.

Know who you are, as you own your own brand.



Stop giving the negativity, the remote to your life.

Who told you that you didn’t matter?

Lol! “Baby? Don’t believe the hype!”

©Maxwanette A Poetess

✨✍🏾”I Love You”~By, Maxwanette A Poetess✍🏾✨

iloveyou II


My breath catches in my throat,

My heart slams into the walls in my chest.

Blood rushes through my body,

Cutting a path unknown.



My hands & feet are cold as ice,

As chills wash over me.

My hearing seems to be sporadic,

As the waves of blood, beat upon my eardrums.



Dry as the desert sand, my tongue attaches

to the roof of my mouth.

I tremble, as if, I am suffering from a seizure.



The words rush out of my mouth and fingertips,

Like a damn releasing into itself.

Trying to release the knots of joy,

Binding in the inner walls of my abdomen.



I realize, that when I see your face,

You smile at me, kissing my lips,

Holding me, as if to never let me go.

Your words of love, freeing me and chaining

my soul all at once.



This is where I was meant to be,

Cascading, erratic, raw emotions of endearment.

I have felt you within me forever, for such a long time.

Right here, Right now,–You, me…

I Love You.

Forever Yours,


*Inspired by M.W.