“Just For Her”

I am sharing this poem, written by a friend & fellow poet (thanks for sharing Brother Ameen). I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do.

“Namastè & One Love”❤️💛💚

“Just for her” by Ameen Olorunnimbe, 12/03/2018.

I see the dawn before the rest of the world,

Dawn is the time when the souls rise,

The hour of silence,

Everything is transfixed, only the shadows move,

Morning without my love is a dwindled dawn,

A colourful sunset that was mistaken for a dawn,

A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight,

She is the brightest light in my bedroom,

She makes me fall asleep even before the dawn comes.


*Liebster Award

graphicPosted On 02/23/2018

I would like to take this moment to thank Merakiforever for nominating me. This is kind of, “Chain-letter-ish”, which I don’t like, but I’ll make an exception this time. This is a nice way to say hello, get to know others, let people get to know you and a opportunity to spread some Positive Vibes! So thanks again Meraki!


The Rules:
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Meraki’s Statement-

The bond between a daughter/son and mother is followed by an intense pure love that has no limits, no crude, and no materialism. 

Share your #thoughts #poem #story #arts..anything you wish.

Love you All

Meraki Forever❤❤


My Response To Meraki’s Statement:


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It’s Beautiful…

An ever-flowing, everlasting, ever-being thing.

As it envelopes my body,

I feel it, so energizing…


by Maxwanette A.Poetess


This was indeed fun!

My 11 Questions…

1.      If you had the chance to pick 1 “Do-Over” in life, what would it be?

2.      What does love mean to you?

3.      If you could go back in time, what 3 vital things would you tell your younger self?

4.      What is one of your biggest and most important life lessons?

5.      What is something you learned and knowledge, had you re-learn it?

6.      What makes you laugh?

7.      What makes you happy?

8.      What is your favorite pastime?

9.      What is your favorite thing to eat?

10.   What do you do, to change your negative to a positive?

11.   Did you remember to love and cherish your existence?


*It is said that the Liebster Award was created to recognize and/or discover new bloggers; and welcome them to the blogosphere. “Liebster” is a German word meaning beloved or dearest. This Award exists only on the internet as pixels, and is given to bloggers by other bloggers.

“Find Like~Minders!”

 “Find Like~Minders!”

(people who have similar goals and ways of living, that match your own)

– Pool your resources, Wait, what resources you ask?…Your wages, skills, expenses. Whatever is a source of income, need and even for simple daily living. More simplistically put?…Find others that you not only trust, but get along with and become roomies, to cut high living costs, Pool your incomes (salaries, SNAP Benefits, Social Security, etc.), splitting the bills, will allow for savings.

“But Max, we can’t get along!”(((WHINE-WHINE-WHINE)…I did say to do this with people you trust, love, get along with, and have “LIKE-MINDS.” This will not work with people who aren’t responsible, dependable, trustworthy or on the same page as you are.

By doing this, you form a collective group, with financial backings, which can very well lead to overall empowerment of all involved. This is how things change. From splitting costs, to being able to invest in bettering yourself and others. We sometimes forget, that we’re ALL on this journey together. #Empowerment

“Namastè & One Love” ❤️💛💚

by Maxwanette A. Poetess