✨🌹Don’t Be Afraid To Start Over🌹✨


“Those who know me? Know that I’m ALWAYS MOVING, lol!
Some have called me a Nomad, Gypsy, Wanderer, Coward (yep that too), Crazy, Indecisive, Unrooted, My personal fav “The Runner”, lol! Yo NIKE! You missed me, lol!!!… People see what they see. I, on the other hand, have NEVER seen it their way. Instead, I always look at it as a new beginning and an adventure. I actually get really excited, like a kid in a toy store as the moving time gets closer. Dare I say, “Giddy”, lol!!!
The chance to start over again, getting a new lease on life. To me? It’s like when you jump-start your car. I stopped, paused, maybe even sputtered a bit, then went dead. But change, moving, starting over? It’s that jolt of electricity & energy, needed to keep going. I LOVE IT!
Many things are simply how we look at them. Even during what may be considered the “Worst” of times, I have found how to see the positive within the negative and see things differently. This allows me to see the benefits, no matter the situation. It is these thoughts, & views that I harness to quell the fear. Lol! Yes, I feel fear from time-to-time, like anyone else. But by changing how I think & view something, it makes it less frightening and actually ends up empowering me. ~By, Maxwanette A Poetess
“Don’t be afraid to start over.”