✍🏾📔I Want To Live📔✍🏾 ✨🌹by, Maxwanette A Poetess 🌹✨

People go through their struggles & experiences in life. There are times when the pressure can become too much & one wants to give up but can’t. It can be frustrating & suffocating all at once. We become so worn & thin, that breaking & giving up can seem like the easiest options. We have to remind ourselves of how far we’ve come & that with every breath that we take, we can do this!


I Want To Live!

You can take my children, my man, my job everything I own,

Creep inside and try to destroy my soul

But, I Want To Live.

You can try to fool me, and tell me all is well,

Make my life a living hell,

But, I Want To Live!

You can laugh and ridicule me all the time,

Fuck around and mess with my mind,

But, I Want To Live!

You can think that you’ve already won,

I’m here to tell you, it’s just begun,

Because, I Want To Live!

Medicating, deceiving, poisoning, distracting, feeding like a cancer,

I already know they’re not the answer,

Because, I Want To Live!

I’m not lazy or even crazy, just had a hard life

I am tired of your dual-mirroring, stop giving me strife,

Because, I Want To Live!

I’ve been knocked down, kicked beaten, worn & torn

Cast aside, Black-Sheeped, Labeled & scorned?

But, I Want To Live!

Stripped of everything that’s good, trying to take my motherhood,

Why am I labeled society’s outcast and gravely misunderstood…

Because, I Want To Live?

Watch, wait and you will see, I won’t be silenced for anybody,

Be amazed by my recovery,

Because, I Want To Live!

Rising from the ashes of misery,

There is a beautiful life inside of me!

Because, I Want To Live!

As I inhale & exhale, my eyes shine and my smile widens…




✨🧠I Know You’re There🧠✨

(Picture~The Shadow Master of Darkness)

“I Know You’re There”…

By, Maxwanette A Poetess

It sneaks up on me, like a silent predator,

Hungrily eyeing its prey.

I can’t see it, but I know it’s there.

I feel it looming in the shadows,

Lurking in the corners and doorways.

Jeering & taunting, pretending friendship,

Begging for me to let it in.

Giving me flashbacks of my life,

And how empty it’s been.

Reminding me of my past failures,

Belittling my accomplishments.

Toying with my mind, my emotions….

Unraveling me and tossing me away,

Like yesterday’s trash.

It’s a tug-of-war of wits & emotions,

Who’s keeping count of the odds?

I feel like I’m drowning, and no one cares,

It’s like falling and no one is there to catch me.

I know you’re there, dammit, leave me alone!!

*Inspired by the demon Mental Illness can be.



I’m not a physician nor do I give medical advice. But I advise, that if you’re suffering from a Mental Illness, you need help. Something happened that caused you to be this way. It’s okay to own that & get help to deal with the demons within self that you’re fighting. Sometimes it’s not easy & can cause more damage. It’s alright to get help.

There are so many ways & methods that one can try. The point is to see that there’s a problem, face it, get help without feeling ashamed in doing so – did you know even therapist have therapists? Just saying. We all need help at one time or another when life can become too stressful and or when trying to deal with life’s traumas.


Find what works for you & stick with it. Mental Illness can become an internal prison. It changes how one sees, feels & thinks about life. Trauma & Stress can turn the mind into an internal weapon. It can become a personal maze of pain & hell.

Its sad that with how many people suffer with Mental Illness, that more isn’t done & the stigma attached removed. It’s okay. Many people are suffering & pretend or deny it. Heck! Some are oblivious to it. You’re not the minority. Check out this link below. MANY PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING


I can say from personal experiences, if you sit on it & do nothing? You’re shortening your life span and cutting a poor path for your existence and all you encounter.

Get help, talk to somebody, seek ways to heal yourself. Because no one can do it for you. Most of all? Try to remember that you deserve to have a happy, free and beautiful life too.

“Namastè & One Love”❤️💛💚


*See what’s available locally. Sometimes there’s services you’re unaware of:


“We’re All In This Thing Called Life, TOGETHER…Remember?”❤️💛💚

🦉🥰You Can’t Save/Help Everyone🥰🦉

🦉🥰You Can’t Save/Help Everyone🥰🦉

Often in life we want to fix & save the world. That is such a huge task to undertake & can seem defeating at times, if the results don’t add up to what was may like, want or accept.

We should start with ourselves firstly then branch out. This is how change becomes great & effective. Keeping in mind that, no matter how much we love or care about an individual, only they can save themselves, when it boils down to it. One can provide resources, be a friend, or that shoulder to lean on, but the individual would need to actually do the necessary work in order to see & experience changes.

There are also some, who are so saturated in misery & negativity, that you’re best to stay clear off them. We know the saying, “Misery loves company.” There is much truth in that, so one should be wise to it, and leave them be. If you don’t know how to deal with it, that misery can happily attach itself to you & be very hard to shake.

~Maxwanette A Poetess


“We’re All In This Thing Called Life Together…Remember?”❤️💛💚

We are to love one another, for we are our Brothers & Sisters Keepers. It isn’t a political thing, a racial thing, or anything except one thing…”LOVE.” Love of Self, Others, & Life. We’ve got to do better than this…

✍🏾Essay by, SANDRA PARKS✍🏾


✨🌹Domestic Violence Is Real🌹✨

“I support many causes. Domestic Violence (DV), is one of the most important ones. I grew up watching my father, beating my Mother. My Mother always fought back. By the time I was 3 years old, she had enough & divorced my father. But in our culture (Jamaican), beating & abusing Women was the norm. Sadly it’s still in full practice & many fail to see or care to the lives taken, damages done to Women & Children. It can last a lifetime.

This did however have an affect on me. I was never physically abused by any man. Instead I became hardened, defensive, combative, over protective & willing to fight to the death at the drop of a hat. Men were scared of me. This was the purpose to protect myself, but I experienced other forms of abuse;verbal, emotional, psychological & by monetary means. I lost my femininity, and marinated in my masculinity, simply to survive…

These experiences tainted my views of self & life. This poem derived from this experience & finally breaking free from the hold it had on my existence.”~Maxwanette A Poetess

✍🏾In A Snap!✍🏾 by Maxwanette A Poetess

In A Snap

Baby, you ain’t know?

It’s that time,

And I gotta go.

No more wasting time,

I’m done playing games.

I suggest, that you forget my name.

Oh, no it’s nothing personal,

But I found a hero.

Yeah Baby, dreams do come true.

And I’m gone,

Within a blinking of an eye.

Yep! Just like that…

“In A Snap!”

(T.P.S. – The Poetic Storm)