✨✍🏾***MY PEOPLE…*** Who Told You That You Didn’t Matter?~By, Maxwanette A Poetess✍🏾✨#FebruaryIsBlackHistoryMonth


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***MY PEOPLE…***

Who Told You That You Didn’t Matter?

Who told you that you didn’t matter?

When did someone take away the radiance of your shine?

Do you even recall giving it away?



What was going on,

When your heart forgot, the right ways…

in which to beat?



How do you wear that mask so well?

That it hides the realness…of YOU,

Yet never covers your Soul, as you lose the connection to your spirit.



Where is that deceiver,

That fooled you into becoming a believer,

That you are less than who you are or created to be???



How pathetic they look,

As they try to break you.

Unable to fathom, nor destroy, the energy of your being.



The “Powers That Be”,

Grudging your destiny, constantly envious of your energy.

Road-Blocking you, as you create ways, to do what you do.



They manipulate, delegate and try to separate,

You from the divinity within self.

Careful! This is deeper than you think…But yet we all know.



Being whirled around, like a topless gig,

Never allowing you to cease.

For if you did, apparent would be the undercurrents

of their decisive intentions to annihilate your very spirit!



Whoever told you that you didn’t matter,

Is already less than, subhuman, that would never overstand,

You may distract destiny, but stopping it is futile.



Come now, take my hand

Rise-up, Stand-up, Walk proud.

Know who you are, as you own your own brand.



Stop giving the negativity, the remote to your life.

Who told you that you didn’t matter?

Lol! “Baby? Don’t believe the hype!”

©Maxwanette A Poetess


✨🌹Do A Clean Sweep, Because Not Everyone Is In Your Corner🌹✨

How many of us have moments where we feel like, “Wait…Something is wrong with this picture?” You give & give, yet it seems like those in your life, just take & take?

Well it maybe sad, yet the stark reality is, not everyone in your life or that you encounter means you the best. Only you (each & everyone of us) can put a stop to it. “Do a clean sweep!”

Stop allowing people to use you & take you for granted. Trent Shelton explains it in a great way…

“Refuse To Be Used” by, Trent Shelton


By, Maxwanette A Poetess

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“We’re All In This Thing Called Life, TOGETHER…Remember?”

By, Maxwanette A Poetess

✍🏾📔Fucking Holidays, by Maxwanette A Poetess📔✍🏾


Fucking Holidays…

So yeah,
Imma take a moment to say,
What the hell is up with these,
Fucking Holidays?


Do we look into what they represent?
Or are we just in it,
for all the presents?


Forced to congregate,
and an opportunity to educate,


On what these Fucking Holidays,
really mean to you.
I’ll tell you what they mean to me…


They represent primitive times,
as they shine the spotlight on the minds,
on the ways of days gone by.


I ignore all the mess,
remember that, “I’m too blessed to be stressed”,
Learning to simply love the vibes of the family & friends gathering.


Our gifts are our presence,
especially since we’re all reveling in the essence,
of just being together.


As Love pours forth,
shared laughs, hugs &
the wiping of a tear…


Damn these Fucking Holidays! 😌