😅✍🏾Writer’s Block Happens✍🏾😅

Those of us who write, know what this is. Musicians and Artists also experience “Blockage.” Who hasn’t experienced this from time to time? I know I surely have. So what do you do about it?🤔

There are a variety of things one may try:

Change of Scenery…Just to name a few.

Personally? I seclude myself, meditate, listen to my Zen Music and tap into my inner voice/Soul. Sometimes a nap also helps. But my major thing is, I don’t push/force myself to write.😊

What are a few things that work for you, when you’re feeling less inspired?

~Maxwanette A Poetess

🌹🪔The Alchemist Studio 2020 – By Jay Jasper🪔🌹

“Jay is a PHENOMENAL artist! I stumbled across him on WordPress & have no regrets. His pieces speak to me & tell their own individual stories. When you view them, you can’t help but to see they have a tale to tell. Awesome!”~Maxwanette A Poetess


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