“THE PROPELLA!”~Hyacinth W., by the original: VICEROY PRODUCTIONS

DYNAMIC & SOULFUL POETESS ~ (Transcended 2018)

“I recited this authors piece at her poetry recital (my 1st recital ever), at the age of 12. The energy of this poem, the Poetess, and what she was experiencing in life is deeply felt, in its vocal version. Explosive is the adjective that comes to mind, lol! I wonder if I can still recall it’s intense rhythm in its entirety? This Poetess is something!”🌹🇯🇲🌹



~Maxwanette A Poetess

“Namastè & One Love”❤️💛💚


“I Cursed Him”~Maxwanette A Poetess


I Cursed Him

The man that helped cause,

the very creation of my birth…

I cursed him, with the remnant breath of his existence.

See, he bragged & began to revel in the dirt,

regarding the beatings that he gave my Mother, that hurt.

I became the verbal reflection of his crude actions.

What I wanted to do, was to place my hands around his neck,

squeezing until he welcomed death, plastering his remorseless smirk,

upon the wall of damned eternity, for the pain, he caused my Mother.


A child’s flashback, when everything went black,

flooding memories of Mommy’s busted lip,

the pain in her hip from his kicks,

the sighs, as make-up, could no longer cover the eyes,

that were constantly black & blue…

Instead, I gathered my strength,

grabbing hold of my tempers tailspin,

From the depths of my Mother’s womb,

searing from my Ancestors tombs…

I cursed him,


for me, he is no more.


~Maxwanette A Poetess


*Child Abuse & Domestic Violence (DV) are very damaging experiences. They can follow one through adulthood & their entire life. These are causes that are very personal to me & hold a special spot in my heart. As a society, we must do more. Abused children can very easily become abused & fractured adults, which flows over into a very hellish existence. One of the most important things to remember is that you’re not alone & there are resources available.

“Namastè & One Love” ❤️💛💚


National Child Abuse Hotline 1(800)4-A-Child or 1(800)422-4453



National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233 


Domestic Violence

Child Abuse Can Affect You As An Adult

Don’t Be Ashamed…GET HELP!

Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse GET HELP 24/7: 800.656.HOPE (4673)








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“I Live To See the View”


(original picture derived from Bing)

I Live To See the View

I done been some places.

Yeah, I’ve even seen some things,

I’ve seen birds trying to fly, with broken wings.

I’ve seen many forget the HUMAN in “Human Being.”


I done seen the moon, reject the sun.

I’ve seen parents abandon & devour their young.

I’ve seen the battles one goes through when they don’t hold their tongues.

(((LoL!))) Baby! I done seen some things.


I’ve seen many jump in ignorance, hatred & violence,

Innocents perish from the blast.

I’ve seen many white-washing cultural atrocities-hiding the past.

Heck, I’ve even seen the homeless, giving others their last.


Shit! I’ve seen children turn against their Mothers, Brothers against Brothers, Our Women hating & warring with one another.

I’ve seen people go crazy for becoming lost lovers.

Uh-Uh-Uh! I tell you! I’ve seen some things.


I’ve seen the worst of things, turn out for the good, I’ve seen Love & Unity within the Hood.

I’ve seen many turn blind-eyes, to the systematic destruction,

hoping to be good slaved zombies, for the NWO’s Plantation.


I’ve seen what I can, I’ve seen what I wasn’t, I’ve seen the Universe within Self,

sharing the reflections.

I’ve seen the power of the gentle touch of a hand,

as lips mouth the words “I Love You”, the answer, sadly many do not understand…


I’ve done seen some things.


And throughout this life,

bundled joys



“I live to see the view.”

~Maxwanette A Poetess

“Love Is Everywhere”


It’s in the air, the breeze,

the rustling of leaves,

that reminds us that it exists


It’s in the sun, the sky,

in the hearts of passers-by,

even if we don’t see it


Love is the start,

the beating of the heart,

flowing from realm to realm


It is a place,

not needing a face,

for all you have to do, is look within

~Maxwanette A Poetess

*Inspired by a Facebook Friend

*By Poetess, Yasmeen zehra anwer

Aye daughter

I see your ache

The wreck of your bein’

The lines of misery are all drawn the same

I see your dark night, no star in sight

And deafenin’ sounds

Of the earth beatin’ itself.. shakin’

Houses burnin’ comin’ down

Humans crying ..

I hear ya my girl..

Your pain ain’t not yours alone

It’s the smokin’ flamin’ burnin’

 on stake

Of mammas n grammas of centuries past

Beaten.. shamed.. accused.. n punished

I have you in my heart my girl..

But I see more.. my love?

 What’s that?

The darkness lain under your eyes,

The staring gaze .. the twitch right there,

The scratchy voice you spoken with,

The pallor around your lively mouth,

The stiffness .. readiness of how you sit,

The force you gather n hold your skirts with,

Ah what is that thing dear girl?

Fear.. ?


Aye ma

My pain is that of centuries past

And centuries comin’

My heart and earth are shatterin’

Ya I am the madness in the streets of Kabul

 they killed with stones n bricks ma!

I am the witch they burnt on stake

For dancin’ with my friends the spirits

Ya mom

All that I am and every particle of my bein’

Has a story three-nights-long to tell

Yes ma

The shame n fear have come together

The twin serpents from gods own hell

I shake with shame for my weakness

I fear the streets ma, I fear the town..

You know ma, how I’m all the women like me before?


Just as I am every woman ever lynched

Burnt alive, smothered, slain..

He is every single one of the mob!

Every hand that holds a stick

Or stone

Or torch

Screamin’ for blood ma!

I startle at lil sounds ma

I look behind me all the time

Y’know ma

It’s not even an even fight

He’s the eternal victor ma,

I, the eternally damned!

Yasmeen zehra anwer

*We thank Ash ES​ for sharing the works of this Poetess.