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“Meditation & getting my Zen on is a relaxing & healing thing. Personally, it’s one of my favorite things to do today down, regain focus, think, ease pain, and simply fuljoy life & existence.” ~Maxwanette A Poetess

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7 things that affect your vibration frequency from the point of view of quantum physics.
Vibration in quantum physics means everything is energy. We are vibrant beings on certain frequencies. Every vibration is equivalent to a feeling and in the world “Vibrational”, there are only two species of vibrations, positive and negative. Any feeling makes you broadcast a vibration that can be positive or negative.
1ST – * thoughts *
Every thought emits a frequency to the universe and this frequency goes back to origin, so in the case, if you have negative thoughts, discouragement, sadness, anger, fear, all this comes back to you. This is why it is so important that you take care of the quality of your thoughts and learn how to cultivate more positive thoughts.
2TH – * the companies *
The people around you directly influence your vibration frequency. If you surround yourself with happy, positive and determined people, you will also enter this vibration. Now, if you surround yourself with people complaining, gossiping and pessimist, be careful! Indeed, they can reduce your frequency and therefore prevent you from using the law of attraction in your favor.
3TH – * the music *
Music is very powerful. If you only listen to music that talks about death, betrayal, sadness, abandonment, all this will interfere with what you are feeling. Pay attention to the lyrics of the music you listen to, it could reduce your vibration frequency. And Remember: you attract exactly what you feel in your life.
4TH – * the things you look at *
When you look at programs that deal with misfortunes, dead, betrayals, etc. Your brain accepts this as a reality and releases a whole chemistry into your body, which affects your vibration frequency. Look at things that do you feel good and helps you vibrate at a higher frequency.
5TH – * the atmosphere *
Whether it’s at home or at work, if you spend a lot of time in a messy and dirty environment, it will also affect your vibration frequency. Improve what surrounds you, organize and clean your environment. Show the universe that you are fit to receive much more. Take care of what you already have!
6TH – * THE WORD *
If you claim or speak wrong about things and people, it affects your vibration frequency. To keep your frequency high, it is essential to eliminate the habit of complaining and bad talking about others. So avoid drama and bullying. Assume your responsibility for the choices of your life!
Gratitude positively affects your vibration frequency. This is a habit you should integrate now into your life. Start to thank for everything, for the good things and what you consider to be bad, thank you for all the experiences you’ve experienced. Gratitude opens the door for good things to happen positively in your life. By Daneyel Z. Bozra


πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈπŸ©ΈSanitary Napkins & TamponsπŸ©ΈπŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

Good question Antonia! I often wondered this myself. As a youth growing in Brooklyn, condoms were always given out freely, yet in a few bathrooms, there were machines to pay for sanitary napkins & tampons.

Now, I think it’s a great idea to provide these types prophylactic and for free. However, I do agree that menstrual aids are needed and quite relevant. As you stated & many of us, especially women know, that not being able to have the proper aids needed, is a huge issue all over the globe. There are countries, where women use dirty rags, wadded tissues, and all kinds of inventions to hold the flow of nature.

Now, that I’m older & fairly wiserπŸ˜‰, I’m not for sanitary napkins or tampons. I personally feel they should be destroyed and or made safer. Why??? They’re highly toxic & cause a variety of issues, killing our women & girls – see attached links below, and some of us find out later in life (self included) & often suffer in silent confusion, because many don’t wish to discuss it nor care. It’s often poo-pooed, frowned upon, ignored, attacked, led by callous ignorance, tabu, etc…

How Humanity has forgotten the vital role of women. If we stop bringing carrying, bringing forth, & nurturing life, then we cease to exist. My, My, My…have we really forgotten this? This may seem like it’s a female or gender based rant. But viewing it as such? Is also a part of the problem. This is not a competition, feminist, nor a gender equality issue. It’s a serious matter of knowledge, educating, learning, sharing, caring, discussion, & change. So although I don’t agree with the provision of these sanitary menstrual measures (pads & tampons), I could (((HUG))) you for bringing it up as a topic for discussion.

*How many are aware of the same toxicity of baby diapers?

I am sooooo sharing this post. You my dear, have inspired me to include this & other personal and or similar health issues in my magazine, that people hate you discuss or choose to act like it’s belittling or doesn’t exist. Good one again Antonia! πŸŒΉπŸ’•πŸŒΉ
~Maxwanette A Poetess




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