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“There are times when things happen to one in life, that may cause doubts, fears, pain, etc.
It is a beautiful thing, when the Universe sends you a reminder that it’s okay.
It’s simply a journey & process to where one is within self and a perpetuation of growth.”
~Maxwanette A. Poetess
“Namastè & One Love”❤️💛💚


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Trying to waste my energies,

As you expose the energy~vampire that you are?…
To feed off of my soul, for your own strength.
Be careful of the game, that you play,
As I too, know of its existence.
Are you upset, because the tables have turned,
Your goals are spurned, and it is I, who has drained you?
As you lay, gasping in the wind,
Wondering about the chaotic, weak & helpless state, you’re now in…
You have received the Scorpions Sting…
It is indeed, the survival of the fittest.
by Maxwanette A. Poetess

“Where Is The Humanity, Where Is The Love?”


Bustling about, here and there, to and fro.
Everyone having somewhere to go.
Heavy hearts, heavier souls,
Losing the energies within self.

Accustomed to the reality of the down-trodden,
Stepping over and past the bodies of the weak

Oblivious and tuned-out,
To the cries of the silent.

Too intertwined with the blindness,
Of ones’ own plight and flight in the world of the materialistic.

Open your soul, open your mind, and open your heart,
To that place in which love resides.

Remembering that we are Spirits,
Having a Human experience – Human Beings.

Help Me, Help You, Help We,
Will forever close the gap of heartless ignorance.


It is within us all, from the beginning of existence.
Love, Be Love, Give Love, Receive Love.
We can end this needless suffering.

*Inspired by my experience in feeding the homeless and the hungry in Jamaica, NY.

by Maxwanette A. Poetess

“Universal Over-standing”


“Universal Over-Standing”
“We are there, here, everywhere,
and anywhere.
Limitless and able to create, wherever we go”.

Greater than even the expectations
of self.
Risen from the ashes of destruction,
Filled with the “Knowledge of Self.”

Created solely within,
Flooded with the power of the Universe,
Mirroring the reflections of one another.

Melaninated Gatekeepers, awakening…
Forging their rightful places.
Overcoming the distractions, created,
To “Divide & Conquer” HUMANITY.

“Sacrifice, Responsibility, Healing, Resolve, Challenges, Unconditional Love”
~33(6) “Namaste & One Love”


by Maxwanette A. Poetess

“I Heard Your Voice”


“I Heard Your Voice”

It was plain and distinct.

Rich and deep.

Rumbling, like the roar in the deepest part of the jungle.

Even though I’ve heard it,

so many times before…

This time, it spoke a language, that caused my soul to take heed.

“I Heard Your Voice.”

Thousands of miles away.

Almost as if we were in two different worlds.

Through time and distance. Loud and clear.

My eyes lit up,

Blood rushed to my cheeks.

Causing a smile that illuminated my entire being.

Giggles burst forth,

As the child within,

Stuck her head out to play.

The comforting growl, of a deep and long connection,

That has ridden the skirt-tails of time.

Reaching to grab hold, of a love that will not die…

“I Heard Your Voice.

by Maxwanette A. Poetess