✍🏾🇯🇲It Inna Mi Blood!~By, Maxwanette A Poetess🇯🇲✍🏾



“It Inna Mi Blood”

Mi nuh noe wah ah di problem?

Afftah all, dis yah dayum talkin’,

Bout seh, mi ah Yankee.

Tell mi now. A wah all dis yah noise fah?



 Yeh, a Foreign mi bawn,

But mi parents dem?

Dem ah natural bawn Yardie!

Most ah my family memba dem? A strictly Yard dem bawn & grow.


Suh a wah dat mek mi? A Jamerican???

Nuh true America mi bawn,

Nuh watch nuh face!

Jamaica runs threw my veins,


Mommy did ah look opportunity,

And Daddy did ah tek disadvantage!

Ah suh it guh,

Ah nuh my fault dat!


JAMAICA? Chuh-h-h!

No question nuh di deh!


It inna mi blood sah!



Yah Mon…Yuh dun noe!

Nobody caayn deny mi.

Cause, I and I FEEL di riddim ah mi people.

Mi set inna di position, widdout inquisition,


Dat a deh suh, fimmi people come fram.

A deh suh, my Ancestors call out to me &

Mek mi noe seh,

Ah dem a help fi carry mi true. A pon fiddem back mi tan.






It Inna Mi Blood!

“Out of Many, One People”

😔WHY CANON, WHY?😔 (Update Below)

As a Poetess, running this Blog, a few Social Media pages, having an in-home office, My Printer is a vital asset. Here’s the nightmare…


WHY???” I’ve been a faithful Canon Customer for most of my life. I started off as a kid, amazed at my Mom’s Canon camera, and the rest was literally history! Canon made me fall in love with photography… How sad & disappointing to be a victim of this product you sell now.

So, in 2017 I purchased your MX922 Printer. Yep, stop! Because you already know the problem don’t you? You have to because even YouTube has videos on it. People are complaining. I’m tired of this error stating my lower cassette has no paper. I’ve aligned, realigned, lessened the paper amount, changed the types of paper, plugged & unplugged, blew out dust – if any (by mouth), checked & double check all settings. I even rubbed it gently, speaking beautiful words of hope & positivity to Goliath (yes, I love your products so well that I name them my Mom’s camera was named Blinkers🤓), but to no avail, this printer is TERRIBLE. It will not print from my laptop, no matter what I do.

I can hear it whirring, shaking, and doing its little thing, but all I get is this error message. I don’t think that after 2 years I should need another printer. How can you sell & continue to sell such a faulty product? Never did I think to switch over to HP Products…Now? I’m actually entertaining the idea. Exactly what can be done here?


“A loyal but highly disappointed Customer”

“I await their response”…



🤩And their Customer Services is WONDERFUL🤩