Where’s The Help NYC???

Well I live in Brooklyn, NY. My sister & I have 4 Orders of Protection (she has 1 & I have 3). The assistance we’ve received in our own state is DEPLORABLE & sad. The Police have been the most helpful. WoW. Red-tape, people not doing their jobs, lack of proper communication between agencies, housing agencies never putting in our paperwork, having us remaining in this situation, living like caged moles. Anything that can possibly go wrong, you name it, has. No one seems to really care…As a born Brooklyn, New Yorker? It’s past disheartening. I have no other resorts but to post our plight in as many areas, in hopes of getting help & proper needed assistance.

The financial assistance is so low, especially if you have or need an out of state move; which we do. Our case involves HEAVY gang violence. We are not gang members. But we’re family of gang members. Not a fun position to be in. We’re no longer safe in NYC.

My sister & I are also disabled. There are days, that I cannot walk. Where is the help that my taxes paid for? Where is the help that I vote for? It’s silent here in Brooklyn, NY.

I have watched how the systems lack of services, information, or even assistance or sharing helpful knowledge, COSTS LIVES. I was already threatened by a “Shooter” & my own child, since July 3rd, 2018…Yet here we still are. Now being told on that only $1,200.00 (1 thousand- 200 hundred dollars) will be given by Safe Horizon (Brooklyn,NY), to assist in moving us. And we have to provide some of the ridiculous amounts of paperwork, bids, estimates, all kinds of things. Who can do this properly, effectively, and get this done, especially when sick & in pain? Many times, I had to ask the Social Worker to repeat things because I have short-term memory loss, sleep apnea, joint pains from Sickle Cell, damages to my spine…I mean, I’m tired of begging for help. It’s defeating. The criminals get more, better & faster assistance than the Victims. NEW YORK, NY…What is going on?

In the meantime, my Sister and I are deteriorating & trying not to die. I started a gofundme Page. The shame & lack of privacy was hard. I had to go public in hopes the attention buys us time & possibly save our lives.

When I was threatened in Family Court, on Jay Street (Downtown Brooklyn), in front of the judge by one of the perpetrators? Would you believe not one person suggested I seek an Order of Protection, after I broke down in the hallway? Not ACS, a Guard, an Attorney, a Court Officer…No one told me that Safe Horizon was downstairs. I had to come home, pain & all, call the Police & they told me what to do, sending me back to the same building I left the day prior. I had to walk to Jay Street, and go to Safe Horizons office there. WHY? I was in tears & I don’t cry easily. The mistakes made by the Family Court, not mailing me my copies in a timely manner; letting it expire- having to painfully go downtown AGAIN, smh. And would you believe they never served the original Orders?

My Sister & I, have been waiting since July. Now here we are in October, barely anything has been done, and we cannot afford to pay the moving fees. As Safe Horizon States our income is enough to pay the difference. This is ludicrous. Who has their lives in danger, has the monies to leave, but sits there, waiting for a bullet? Who does that?

I won’t even begin to tell you how NYCHA dropped the ball. They were supposed to relocate my sister since July 19th. My sister filed a complaint. But oh well. And the place they’re moving her to? Hell. Worse than where she lives now. And she has to pay rent, security deposit, we have to cover our own move??? Again, WHY?

Why is the system wasting monies to now relocate her, within NYC – where we aren’t safe, while Safe Horizon is trying to relocate us out of state? Does it not save the city monies & make more sense to pay one time to simply relocate us out of state? Why move us twice? Why doesn’t NYCHA, HRA & Safe Horizon have a better system to work together, in place? We were even told, that if we’re actually shot or harmed, then we would qualify for more services…This makes sense to our lawmakers? Does this make sense…To YOU? So, wait until we’re injured or dead to seek help? Smh, again this is costing LIVES. These Orders of Protections are of no use in my eyes.

But this is the help that NYC provides. Stress out the Victims. Yes! That makes sense. We were supposed to get Emergency Section 8…Nothing happened, because NYCHA workers dropped the ball.

I’ve been writing every city official I voted for, Eric Adams, Governor Coumadin, Mayor Bill Di Blasio, local News stations, & Newspapers. Not Much happened At least Eric Adams had someone call me about the Court case involving the abuse…ACS did call me after that…And was very angry & the nastiest attitude ever, but they were like that prior. I have received NO ACTUAL HELP FROM MY CITY OFFICIALS. Again, I ask…Why?

I saw the abuse of 9 Children (#9LivesMatter)6 are my biological grandchildren. I reported it, because I had to. I “snitched” as they say in the streets & my Sister & I are paying the price for it in more ways than one.

I was raised, never to beg, never ask for anything. Get it yourself or you do without. I’m wondering when someone may listen or someone may care? We don’t even want any monies in our hands. Just moving fees. It can be paid directly to the movers.

No one owes us anything. But as an American Born Citizen & an avid Voter, I think I should be able to rely on the “Services” that are in place to assist. Where’s the help?

I am placing my gofundme link here, if that’s okay. I appreciate you providing this page & platform. Thank you.

“Namastè & One Love”❤️💛💚

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