“There Are No Magic Answers…Or Are There?”


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“There Are No Magic Answers…Or Are There?”

I get this quite often (not to come off as being cocky, conceited or a Know-it-all), “Max, it’s easy for you, you have all the answers, you’re sooo strong!” Ohhh please, bullshit, lol! I am as strong and as weak as I allow and make myself to be. I also am very firm with being true and real with, ME.

I find, that many seek answers, that they already know or have, but are looking for either confirmation, denial or fuel for a pity-party. I keep my “real friends” list very, very small.  I have no patience for the drama, but I over-stand that people are struggling.  I was as well and can, if I do not confront and deal with my own things in life. But how long can one expect to be cradled, coddled and babysat, before it gets tedious? And it will happen. Because sooner or later, others will get tired of it, start avoiding, seem to be ALWAYS too busy and many find themselves alone, wondering why the world is so cold.

So, I can easily say, “There Are No Magic Answers…Or Is There?” Everyone has the answer and solutions to their own issues. “WE ARE THE MAGIC!” Each one of us. But are you using, abusing or even acknowledging it? Many consistently look outside of self to find the answers, solutions, or what have you, to the roadblocks or situations in their existence.  Oh, how the psychiatrist make their money, lol! And yes, there are some people who really cannot get in touch with their inner-selves, are completely confused and a hodgepodge of emotions, flying all over the place, so they need help and direction. But what do these psychiatrists always say, sooner or later? “YOU have the answers and it’s all up to YOU.” “What would YOU do?”  “How do YOU feel?” get the picture yet? YOU ARE THE MAGICAL ANSWER!

We all, are more powerful than we even know and or realize. You can go on an infamous quest, do meditation, yoga, take a vow of celibacy/silence, surround yourself with people, become a workaholic, cater to negative energies, cater to positive energies, and or any other things that come to mind. None of these things will suffice, if you do not confront, deal, feel, heal and love YOURSELF. Now many of these things, can lead you on a journey, that will do what? Bring you right back to SELF, lol! Learn to LOVE YOURSELF through all the madness, sadness, joys, pains, tears, fears, rights and wrongs…Forgive YOURSELF for it all and others. What others think of you…really, does it matter? Those who are negative and miserable are also fighting themselves. If they project this onto you? It’s simply their way of dealing with their own mess. Don’t sop up their negative juices. People can shower you with love and it still won’t work. WHY? “YOU HAVE TO LOVE YOU “, because you’re the only You, you’ve got…You’re the only YOU there is…and dammit that is something special!

Now, go look in the mirror, give yourself a big hug and say, *“I LOVE ME, SOME ME!” Give yourself positive reinforcement. It’s so easy to be your own worst critic and to feed into the negative crap! Try being your own best friend, caressing, loving your spirit and soul with some positive vibes.

*My older brother, told me to try this. I thought he was stir crazy and laughed at him. But one day, I decided to try it. At first? I felt stupid telling myself how much I loved myself. I even walked away a few times from the mirror, thinking, this is dumb. The third time, I looked at my reflection, I tried to say the words and I couldn’t. I started to cry. I then looked at myself and saw the little girl, lost, hurt and grown…holding onto the fabric of nothingness. I had to confront that during my life, love wasn’t there much or often, from others or towards myself. I made it part of my purpose, to give myself positive pep-talks and love winks. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of the little girl, laughing back at me…And that? That’s the best part.




“Namaste & One Love” ❤️💛💚


“Can’t You See?”


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“Can’t You See”

I’m not like you

You aren’t like me

Yet we’re the same

Can’t you see?

I bleed, you bleed

We all have needs

We cannot remain strong & united

Built on hate, selfishness & greed

“United we stand, divided we fall”

This empty motto, means nothing at all

Bogus oaths, the PTB’s make

We have to wake-up & love one another for humanities sake…

“Can’t You See?”

*We live in a Universe where so many are against one another, wars are consistent and division is at the helm. We have forgotten, thrown aside and or ignored, that we’re in this together…Or at least, we should be.

                                                       “Namaste & One Love”❤️💛💚

 by Maxwanette A. Poetess

“I’m Having An Affair”


“I’m Having An Affair”…

Lol! Did I catch your attention?

Hope I’m not misleading you, but it’s true. I’ve been having an affair for almost 15 years now.

There are times when I wanted to cut it off, start anew, trying to figure out the reason for the union as this was the 2nd time we decided to be together.

Wrestling with the thoughts of how intimate and intertwined we have become. Through life’s experiences, we’ve been a dynamic duo of strength, complimenting one another, no matter what the world threw at our feet.

I imagine life without you, looking at the process it took to get us to this point. Undertaking a journey that I never expected, never knew I wanted, wasn’t aware that I needed, yet here we are.

See, “I’m Having An Affair”, and as I caress the wetness of your essence, breath in the aroma of your very existence, smiling as you tickle the very center of my spine, in ways no man can, I realize that parting with you would be the very unraveling & destruction of self.

Many may see vanity and insanity in my dedication to you, but those who are having affairs, surely understand. You embrace and compliment me, allowing me to delve into the fullness of self.

See, “I’m Having An Affair” and feel blessed to be able to do so. As we walk through this life, held up, with the pride of our union.

*Inspired by the relationship I have with my locs. Yes, the affair is with my hair 😉

by Maxwanette A. Poetess


*Writing Tip #5: “Making-up Words Can Be Fun”…


Okay, so you have this perfect poetic flow going and you just can’t seem to find the right

word that fits. Can you just make one up??? Why not? Lol! It’s your poem and your

creation. But I do suggest that the surrounding words have some form of context clues,

so people know what you’re talking about and or mean. So go ahead and keep writing

and be adventuristastical! Lol! Okay, that was a stretch, but doesn’t it sound great? Lol!


by Maxwanette A. Poetess




I am “Womb-Man.”

The home where man is created and formed.

United cells of us both.

An even mix of “Atoms”.

Carriers of life,

Nurturer of souls.

To tear me down & damage my crown?

Unleashes a karma, unknown to the mental capacity, of this 3D illusion.

I am the reflection,

Of the womb, in which first caressed you.

Even those, with wombs that are barren, breasts, never to form, life’s milk.

All are created in soul & heart uniquely, which love smiles fondly upon.


 Never mistake the need of MAN, to form, who I AM…

We are to connect beyond the realms of physicality.

Reforming, remembering, & creating our own realities.

Based on the connections, upon which the Universe designed, within us all.


I know you, because I know me.

I know all that was, is, and has.

I created the Universe…to be.

Close your eyes,

Feel and see with your soul,

Our connective energies…

Now take hold!

by Maxwanette A. Poetess