“It’s All About You”


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“It’s All About YOU”

I used to be in a very dark place.

There was zero tolerance & limited space,

For this emotion, that’s called love.


I couldn’t bear the sound of my own name.

As if mentioning it were to blame,

For the negativity in my existence.


A spiritual flight,

Fighting with all of my might,

I struggled, just because.

Through the hustle & the grind,

With this life, that I claim as mine,

I became distracted from whom I was.


I do not buy into luck,

I refuse to remain stuck,

For I was designed & created to NEVER give up.


When times arrived & I had no clues,

I banged my head on the proverbial wall, until it was black & blue.

I quieted my mind, spoke to my Soul,

And I felt, my way through.


Here I AM, existing,

with the sheer strength of my will,

to make my commands come true.

I will make it, no matter where I am, or what others do.


Find your strength, magick, power & synergy from within…

And become the divine creation that is YOU.

#YouAreTheUniverse 💛💚 

~by Maxwanette A. Poetess

”There are times when you need to be selfish and think of yourself, in order to better yourself.”


*Writing Tip #8: “Just Do It!”

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“What should I write?”

How many of us, have asked this question? Probably all of us, at one time or another.

I suggest that you don’t stress it. Simply grab a pen and some paper, cuddle up with your keyboard or maybe you rather record it. Whichever vice you choose, it’s fun and creative to just brainstorm.

Be free with your thoughts, even if they seem wild, mild, boring or exciting. The point is to get it on paper. You can then go over it.

This is a method that I use often. When going over my “Ramblings”, I make great discoveries. Once or twice I’ve even come up with an epiphany or two. I have amazed myself a few times as well, as to how deep the mind can go.

“Ramblings”, can be great. I’ve even laughed at myself (quite often honestly, lol!) and found humor in them. Every now & then, even some profound wisdom peeks out.

No matter how your thoughts and feelings are, they’re exposed and can be used in your poetry and writing. What I love the most, is that they’re ones raw thoughts.

So, don’t be afraid to write.

“Be like Nike & Just Do It!”😉🤓

-by Maxwanette A. Poetess

“Namastè & One Love”❤️💛💚

“I Love, Love”

“I Love, Love”

I Love, Love

Simply because,

of the feelings that it brings.

It lacks fear, has no cares,

And exists,

without the need of overstanding.

Lol, yes, I Love, Love!

This emotional cause,

that we use to express & give meaning to it’s existence.


Lol! Oh, you lover you!

~by Maxwanette A Poetess

“Namastè & One Love”❤️💛💚

“Physician, Heal Thyself!”

“Physician, Heal Thyself”

I needed healing,

from the feelings,

that had me bound in my own personal hell.


I had to find a calm,

that would caress the storm,

that brewed within my being.


I took this invention called time,

contorted it and make it mine,

in order to remember who I AM.


Burning my oil & sage,

it silenced the distractions & pain

as the binaural beats connected with my Soul.


Leaving the chaos & background noise behind,

the bright place of quiet light,

welcomes me, as my Chakras realign…


Ahhh, “Physician Heal Thyself!”

~by Maxwanette A. Poetess

“Namastè & One Love”❤️💛💚


*Inspired by a beautiful Soul, that sent me these wonderful healing crystals. The Universe will send you what you ask for and need. Thank you again My Sister~Queen Adrina.


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