“Energetic Flow”


“Energetic Flow”

It came.
Not with bangs or whimpers,
It simply was, is…here. Always has been.
Stripping away at the core,
That were the ingredients to the metal,
That formed the chains to my existence.
The declarative statement,
Reflected from my Pineal Gland…
As the energy of my being,
Catapulted its strength,
Through my flesh-bound vessel of transportation.
Feeling the lack of the 3-D gravitational pull,
Created for this Matrix~Illusion,
My footsteps tread, ever so lightly, mirroring the movements, of nature’s rhythm.
The journey & knowledge continues,
Reminding & reconnecting the binary codes of self.
As the views of this life, are still, ever so amazing,

I flow on…

“Namastè & One Love”❤️💛💚

by Maxwanette A. Poetess







“No Jurispudence!”


“No Jurisprudence”

Define me,

haven’t you done so already?

Judge me, as you are compelled to do.

Convict me, condemn the way I live.

Rejoice, at my expense.

Try, to destroy my sense of self.

Believe, the preconceived notions built upon lies of the deceivers.

Allow me, to defend myself.

Educate me, on the false doctrines that you perpetuate generation to generation.

Justify me…

Only I can do that.

*Inspired by the Injustice in the Matrix.

by Maxwanette A. Poetess

“Find Like~Minders!”

 “Find Like~Minders!”

(people who have similar goals and ways of living, that match your own)

– Pool your resources, Wait, what resources you ask?…Your wages, skills, expenses. Whatever is a source of income, need and even for simple daily living. More simplistically put?…Find others that you not only trust, but get along with and become roomies, to cut high living costs, Pool your incomes (salaries, SNAP Benefits, Social Security, etc.), splitting the bills, will allow for savings.

“But Max, we can’t get along!”(((WHINE-WHINE-WHINE)…I did say to do this with people you trust, love, get along with, and have “LIKE-MINDS.” This will not work with people who aren’t responsible, dependable, trustworthy or on the same page as you are.

By doing this, you form a collective group, with financial backings, which can very well lead to overall empowerment of all involved. This is how things change. From splitting costs, to being able to invest in bettering yourself and others. We sometimes forget, that we’re ALL on this journey together. #Empowerment

“Namastè & One Love” ❤️💛💚

by Maxwanette A. Poetess

“Love Is Everything!”


Sometimes we forget and or need a reminder, that

“Love Is Everything!”

We go through our experiences in life and at times we lose sight of this component. 

No matter the outcomes and life’s encounters, I remind myself of this. Because it’s a vital necessity to my existence and to life itself. 

It is the link to humanity. Without it we’re inhumane.

Without Love, we’ve decided to be divided, from our very existence.

“Love Is Everything” “We Are Love”, “We’re Everything”…Just “BE!”

“Namastè & One Love”❤️💛💚

~By Maxwanette A Poetess