“I {EYE} Am Me”


 “I (EYE) Am Me”

I am who I am

I am who I am meant to be

I am me

Not the woman that you dreamt me to be

Not the fantasy you have about loving me

I am me

I can blend

I create and I mend

I am me

I can not & will not fit

Into your ideology & societies pit

I am me

Beaten, worn, battered and torn

Looked upon as natures scorn

I am me

Sights revealed from eyes that do not see

Instead of wisdom, deemed engulfed with insanity

I am me

Shall I bear the cross alone?

Yes. As I strengthen my soul, no longer do I moan

I am me

Suffer the children open your eyes and see

Are we not all children of somebody? Suffer We

I am me

I give my all

I stumble I fall, yet…

I am me

If I know that I am me

Do you know if you are you?

I am me

I do not believe in smoke & mirrors

I am not the mirage in your reality


by Maxwanette A. Poetess


“Namastè & One Love”❤️💛💚


Loving Amateur Poets. We have to start somewhere…

Jamaicans are known for their athletics, music, dancing, food, beautiful country and rich culture. But there is also a great focus on POETRY {i.e. my Mom was a dynamic Jamaican Poetess}.

Of course, I share quotes and maybe poetry from famous poets, but I would like to focus on Amateur Poets as well. This poem, I found to be wonderfully inspirational!



Poetry Is In My DNA


My Mom was a Self-Published Poet, among other things!

#MissYourPhysicalButLovingYourSpiritualPresence 😍💕


My Mom was the type of individual, that was so strong-natured, educated and had a sharp tongue, that keeping friends wasn’t always easy, lol! As she grew in life {went from scrubbing floors when she came to this country to working on her Phd}, her “friends” became frenemies. The friend mail had stopped as well as the phone-calls. I saw how sad this made my Mom, so I vowed to write her a letter everyday, so that she knew she mattered and was loved. I was about 7 or 8 years old. It never occurred to me, that she wrote a poem about it or even noticed, Love You Mommy!


*Writing Tip#2: “Always Keep Writing Tools Nearby”


*Writing Tip #2 – “Always Keep Writing Tools Nearby.”

I never know when a thought, idea or a poem will pop into my head. So I keep little notebooks, some made from scrap, near my bed, in my bag, and around the house.

I have jumped up in my sleep at 2:00 or 3:00 am, jotting down a poem in the dark, lol! It never hurts to be prepared, because you simply never know when a poetic burst may occur and who wants to miss that?

by Maxwanette A. Poetess

Poet On Tha Mic! – Brief Personal History


This is a major goal for me, “Poet On Tha Mic.”

I became a poet, sort of matter-of-factly. Coming from a very abusive background and life, I had no voice or place to express my thoughts, ideas and feelings. I went through consistent traumas. Some were so devastating it made others cry, wince and cringe to hear it. So I kept my life, pain, joys and experiences to myself. As I grew, anger developed and I needed a place to put everything. So I did what I knew how and loved doing the most, partially what I was created to do and that was…”TO WRITE!”

I recited a piece, for a former acquaintance, a year ago. He said, “Max, you should record yourself reading your poems. Your voice & flow needs to be heard.” I tried it and was amazed at how I sounded. Was that me? The last time I recited a poem to an audience was when I was 12 years old at my mother’s poetry recital {at The New Muse in Brooklyn, NY. It no longer exists}. I had suffered from stage fright for as long as I could remember. Could I do this now? Here in 2017?…

I have decided to take another crack at it and practicing. 😉💕🎤



by Maxwanette A. Poetess