🌹✍🏾”The Art of War” By, MissTee IzQueen✍🏾🌹

The Art of War

In the Art of War we must know two things ;
You must know yourself and your opponent
I’m alive and kicken but we all need a moment
Challenges reveal what is behind the mask of others
That’s when you know when or when not to take things futher
Darkness is where my meditation seems to take it’s place
We were developed , nutured and protected while in the belly space
Master of thyself is to uncover your untold potential
Rejuvenation upholds the mind beyond the the mental
Having the right kind of support is not to be criticized
It is actually very helpful and critical

In the Art of War we all have two eyes but will see different visions
Stock markets drop during trade so nobody really winning
Schools are closed so that’s your chance to homeschool
Thank goodness that i can work from home because us healthcare workers have to stay educated ,while helping our patients and families stay calm through all of the bad news

The Om drum is playing , it sounds like a lullaby of peace
Connections and solutions come when the Spirit team surrounds thee
Support while you adjust , continue do your best yes it is enough
Encouraged, Informed , uplifted , let’s care for each other from the back and in front
What’s within will come pouring on out , keep what’s sour
This happens when you level up and have the real power
The best unification comes when two or more can work together
Your kingdom should have what’s needed for any weather

In the Art of War we have to put our skills and abilities to work
Training has come in handy , it helps you if you choke
Sacral , serenity is to be upon us as we cast down all fears
Gotta purge this weekend out , plagues are here and near
This is well known past shared videos and links if you’re an observer like me
That stuff overwhelms then you’re unable to think straight if the images disrupt your sleep
You are loved and you’ll be okay
Go ahead , it’s time for another break
Be grateful that you are in a new day

MissTee IzQueen