“Poetry, Language Of The Soul” – 1st Blog Post


“Think, Feel, Be.”

My poetry is the language in which my soul speaks.

I created this blog, to share my poetry.

Who knows? Maybe it may also encourage people to “WRITE!”

I feel, that, “Everyone Is A Poet!”

I hope to touch a soul and or heart, light the proverbial spark and remind us all of who we are.

“Namaste & One Love”💖💛💚

~By Maxwanette A. Poetess

🚨”Sickle Cell Is Serious Business”🚨

Yep, both parents have the trait…

I was born a sickly child. I was told I couldn’t have children (I did have 3 & each birth had me in the High Risk Clinic). Sickle Cell Disease is just one of the illnesses I arrived to this existence with. It also came with Spinal Stenosis & Ledderhose Disease (which has caused Metatarsalgia in both feet). So in Layman’s Terms, I was born with f×@$×d-up blood & bones. I can recall men saying I had a sexy, badass walk. I bet! I was disabled 😂🤣😅 Running & Jumping were not activities I participated in for I always ended up on the ground. So if you ever see me running? Ask no questions & run like hell!!! It has to be a life or death situation, trust me😅😅😅. Hey? You have to find humor when crying starts to become a pain in the ass.😉

But on a more serious note, I can’t begin to explain the pain I was ALWAYS in (still am, gets worse as one gets older). The anger all the time, flashing of colors & partial blackouts, and the constant pain from my skull to my toes. Even the bones in my nostrils & ears hurt. Nosebleeds were common in my childhood as well. I kept it to myself. I knew something was wrong, but never sure what it was exactly. My parents were clueless. No one in my family ever knew, not until last year.

As I’ve shared a few times, I was abused in unimaginable ways for a long time, living on the streets in NYC at the age of 11(my parents had their own issues). My childhood & teenage years were horrifically painful and parts of my adulthood weren’t any better. My conditions surely magnified EVERYTHING. It affected every facet of my life. I hate pity and being born to Jamaican parents, illnesses were not an excuse to not keep going (this too has its positive & negative effects). Many bush remedies did nothing for a 3 year old with back to back fevers of 104. The constant beatings with all types of objects didn’t help either. Many of my doctors asked me how in the world I was still walking? It’s that Jamaican Tenacity 🇯🇲😉🇯🇲

My posts aren’t as regular, because the pain at times is crippling to say the least. I’m getting the help I need, but it’s imperative that we stay on top of our health, seek answers even when people, family & doctors insist that you’re nuts. Only you, know you. I don’t do pity parties, so please don’t feel sorry for me. As difficult as my existence has been, I’m still living my best life. Heck, it’s the only one that I have. Pain and all? I’m a very happy woman, finally.

Adult Sickle Cell Program – 24hr Emergency Hotline: 1(412)692-4724


For Children:


“We’re All In This Thing Called Life, TOGETHER…Remember?”❤💛💚

🎶💃🏾JUMP, JIVE, BOOGIE – Georgia Metro Dance💃🏾🎶

September 13-14, 2019 The World of Ballet

“I had a blast! The first check on my list? This performance had a 70’s theme. I was already sold! I couldn’t keep still in my seat! A wonderful show to say the least. The dancer that stood out the most to me was “Khalil.” He leaped so far & high in the air, that I was stunned! He was up, expanded & stayed in the air for quite a few seconds. It was as if he paused mid expansion. WHOA! The Georgia Symphony Orchestra was AMAZING! I clapped until my palms were raw! Great job to all of you. I will be returning in November for your rendition of The Nutcracker. I can’t wait!!!”~Maxwanette A Poetess

The Owners of Georgia Metro Dance Theater

Marietta Square (Marietta, GA)

The performance was held inside this lovely theater.

Of course, I had to get pictures of the nightlife. Beautiful.

My favorite performance & dancer, Khalil.

Khalil & Family

A complete stranger joked about me taking his picture…So I did, lol! Who knows, we may run into one another at the upcoming show (The Nutcracker – Nov. 2019). What a nice gentleman☺

Buy a ticket for their next performance, “The Nutcracker.”


And as if the night couldn’t be any better, this star was spotted on the way home. This dog was the furriest dog I’ve ever seen and ever so friendly. He’s sooo soft. I kid you not, I wanted to take him home😄😍