“Poetry, Language Of The Soul” – 1st Blog Post


“Think, Feel, Be.”

My poetry is the language in which my soul speaks.

I created this blog, to share my poetry.

Who knows? Maybe it may also encourage people to “WRITE!”

I feel, that, “Everyone Is A Poet!”

I hope to touch a soul and or heart, light the proverbial spark and remind us all of who we are.

“Namaste & One Love”💖💛💚


“Is This Me?…
Soaring effortlessly
Like a butterfly, free from it’s cocoon
Or a rose petal, finally in full bloom
watching the seasons, like a migratory bird
Floating on the Soul of words

Created & designed, from the beginning of time

Is This Me?…


~By Maxwanette A. Poetess



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The daze of confusion–

“Bursting forth with Knowledge!”…

Broken and apparent, upon the faces of the masses.

Reality breaking the veil,

Covering the Pineal Gland.

Forcing it to feel it’s way open and fully awake.

A deeper over-standing of self,

Love and Others,

Joy in the union with the animals, really our friends.

Humanity becoming each other’s Keepers,

Moving forward, radiating within the Exodus…

The survivors of this realm.

Resonating with harmonious frequencies

Being at one with the Universe, which is within self.

The song of the souls, sing…

“Namaste & One Love”


                                                                                                                By~Maxwanette A Poetess


*Children Can Can Be Poets Too! So Why Not Introduce Them To Poetry, Early?😉❤️💛💚


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