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“Poetry, Language Of The Soul” – 1st Blog Post


“Think, Feel, Be.”

My poetry is the language in which my soul speaks.

I created this blog, to share my poetry.

Who knows? Maybe it may also encourage people to “WRITE!”

I feel, that, “Everyone Is A Poet!”

I hope to touch a soul and or heart, light the proverbial spark and remind us all of who we are.

“Namaste & One Love”💖💛💚

~By Maxwanette A. Poetess

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☯️🧘🏿‍♀️Relaxation & Meditation🧘🏿‍♀️☯️

I can’t begin to tell you how relaxing this is.

I like to stretch a little. Nothing strenuous. Just arms, legs, and my back a little bit, for 1 minute. Then inhale & exhale deeply for about 2-3 minutes. Completely relaxing myself as much as possible.

You can sit in your comfy-spot or lay down. Either way, fix yourself in a position where if you fall asleep, you’ll be fine.

Burn your favorite incense, scented candles, essential oils, or even sage.


It took a moment, but P.L.O.T.S. ~ PROOFING & PROMOTING SERVICES, LLC has launched!!!🤩

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We thank you all for the love, encouragement, & support!

🌹✍🏾”We’re All In This Thing Called Life, TOGETHER…Remember?”✍🏾🌹

“Namastè & One Love”❤💛💚